Excellent….(in my Mr. Burns voice)

Despite the fact that my latest A1c (in late April) was a 5.6%, I’ve since been having some major issues with my blood sugars. They’ve been high for no reason I can figure out.  I’ve been increasing basals and I:C ratios every few days.  This is especially frustrating because the whole month before that I was having major lows…and had adjusted all my basals and I:C ratios downwards to cope with that!

Anyway, today I experienced hands-down the BEST blood sugar day I’ve had in a month…128, 100, 118, 119, 144, 55, 78, 87.  Only one number I’d consider just *slightly* high and one low.  A range of only 55-144 (which for me, lately, is do-a-happy-dance amazing).

I normally look at these days and say to myself ‘Way to go!’ and move on.  After all, I know I will have many more in my lifetime (along with many not so good days).  But today it seems especially note-worthy because today was incredibly stressful.  I’ve been close to crying several times (in public no less), close to shouting rude/obscene things at people several times, and just generally in freak-out mode much of the day.  So to have such rock-solid numbers in the face of such stress…which SHOULD have sent me up to 300+…is totally excellent.

Remember to celebrate your good blood sugar days (and don’t sweat the bad ones…we all have them…sometimes in a month-long stretch…).

One thought on “Excellent….(in my Mr. Burns voice)

  1. So true! I’ve been dealing with similar issues. Last month: it was several lows on any given day and now I’m dealing with highs, what gives?!?! But you have a good point that we should give ourselves credit on “good” bg days:)

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