Sometimes I wonder if there are other PWD out there who have an intense fear of food poisoning, like I have.

Several years ago I ended up getting extremely bad food poisoning from undercooked bratwurst. I was extremely sick for about 8 hours that night/next morning (about 3am to 11am). I got so dehydrated, went into major insulin resistance, and must have been producing massive ketones…though I don’t remember testing for them at all.  My last memory is of talking on the phone to my ex at 11am, to say I think I was recovering and was going to finally get some sleep.  I also thought my blood sugars were under control (I’d been near 400 all night…I was finally back down to 140).

Apparently I wasn’t ok…at approximately 3pm my roommate came home to find me unconscious and struggling to breathe on the bathroom floor. She called 911.  6 paramedics responded in an ambulance and full-size fire engine.  I was hooked to an IV and given oxygen before they ever loaded me on a stretcher.

I woke up in the ER at about 6:30pm with no memory of what had happened. I was nauseous again and apparently my blood sugar was around 700 (had been upwards of 900 at admission).  I am unclear on if I was just unconscious or if what happened could be classified as a hyperglycemic coma.  Either way they’d prepared my parents to lose me and weren’t even going to admit me further than the ER.  It was only when I woke up that they considered moving me to the ICU.  (Actually for the first 12 hours I think I was in the CCU…)

Because of this horrible and terrifying experience...I have this intense fear of food poisoning.

So this afternoon, when I unexpectedly began to vomit…I was scared.  Really scared.  I’m still not sure what happened. I was sick 3 times in 45 minutes.  I did not have an elevated blood sugar. I didn’t have ketones (note to self: I need to get a ketone meter…peesing on the urine sticks is so gross and outdated).  But I was still scared.  It seems I’m in fact okay and whatever it was has passed.

…though I doubt my fear of food poisoning will ever go away.


One thought on “Fear

  1. Natalie Sera says:

    A BG of 700-900 is SURELY a hyperglycemic coma, whether you were spilling ketones or not, although people who experience this type of coma are almost always spilling at least some ketones. A Type 1 who is faithfully taking her insulin can have enough insulin on board to prevent DKA, but Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Coma is actually more life-threatening than DKA. I’m SO glad you made it through — it was surely touch-and-go for a while. And it is entirely reasonable to be scared and therefore cautious when you’re vomiting — as you experienced, things can head south rapidly! Fear of food poisoning is a HEALTHY fear for any diabetic! You’re on the right track, kiddo! 🙂

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