Seeing A New Endo

Most people know what it’s like to start seeing a new doctor – there is always that question of ‘will I like my new doctor?’ present in the back of your mind. When you have a chronic condition like diabetes, that is further exaggerated because in most cases doctors are important pieces of the overall equation.

I am comfortable making changes to my insulin dosing on my own, and I don’t need my doctor for that, nor do I need my doctor to tell me whether I am doing well or not – I can tell this on my own. However, I do rely on my doctor for my prescriptions and my access to the prescription devices that I use – and I don’t want a doctor who tells me ‘no’ when/if I want to try something new. I want to feel supported, while also feeling independent.

Those characteristics aren’t always so easy to find. So I was a bit apprehensive this morning as I set out to see my new endo – which I should have done MONTHS ago (but it kept getting put off, appointments got changed, etc).

I am thrilled to report that my fears were completely unfounded. My new endo is wonderful. She asked me about my history with diabetes, my history with my various pumps, how my ability to feel hypoglycemic events is (pretty nonexistant), recorded my pump settings, discussed my A1c (6.2%) with me, checked my feet for sensation, decided I didn’t need changes to my insulin rates at this time…She honestly spent at least 30 minutes with me, which was unexpected (how many doctors spend half an hour with one patient?!…very few) but welcome.

She set me up to see my favorite nurse/CDE in 4 months to do another A1c, my bloodwork, and to discuss pump options – since I will be due for a new pump in late August/early September when the warranty on my t:slim expires.

Whether I stay with t:slim or move to something else will be a post for the future…


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