When Suggestions Go Wrong

I am part of several ‘Pay it Forward’ groups on Facebook. This morning in one of them someone asked very nicely for Verio IQ strips for a friend’s daughter, who is a toddler. I don’t use that meter anymore, because it’s hella expensive, so I have no strips to even offer. However, in the attempt to be helpful I did point out that there are several meters out there that have strips that are MUCH MUCH MUCH more affordable.

Specifically I suggested the Relion Prime, TrueResult, and Freestyle Precision Neo. I have all three (in addition the Up&Up Premium meter from Target). I use them all.

I was told that those meters are so highly inaccurate it would be dangerous to suggest those be used for a toddler. I was made to feel like my suggestion was not only unwelcome, it was hazardous.

I’m tired of seeing these strong opinions in the DOC. I’m sick of seeing people who think ‘This didn’t work for me, so it must be bad for everyone!’ mantra that seems to pop up all over the place. I’m tired of seeing the judgmental comments that come from some individuals, whether they intend them to be so or not.

I was not suggesting anything that my experiences would lead me to believe is dangerous.

I use those above mentioned meters. I have an A1c below 6. My A1c hasn’t been above 6.1 in over 5 years. If those meters were SO inaccurate, when I began using them my A1c would have risen, right? I’d have had some lows that were so debilitating I’d need medical emergency help, right? Well, I’ve had neither. The meters work with the same accuracy as the big name-brand super-expensive total-ripoff OneTouch meters.

Many people in the DOC are so scared of ‘generics’ or ‘off brands’ that they’ve become rude and judgmental about the suggestion that others use them as a way of greatly cutting costs. To which I say: get over yourself. If others are using them with great results, you can’t put a blanket statement on those products that they are ‘dangerous’. And if you truly believe they are, take it up with the FDA.

Which reminds me – the ‘generic’ meters have to meet the SAME FDA QUALIFICATIONS as the brand-name meters…..

I guess I’m just frustrated in general with the often-seen mindset that the most expensive product is the best. That is how we are being taken advantage of by the pharmaceutical companies. That’s what they WANT us to think….

Now I think I’m rambling, so I’ll stop.

In a more positive spin: Merry Christmas! I hope your diabetes plays nicely with you today!


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