A (Very Quick) Review of the Dexcom G5

This is going to be pretty concise, because there are many features (ex: anything having to do with a phone) that I cannot review. I am an avid Android user and there is no current Android app for use with the G5.

Pros of the G5:

  • Brighter/better colors on the screen: I was never a fan of the black background of the G4 system. I much prefer the brighter white background of the G5 system. Some people have conveyed that they are not fans because they feel it’s too bright, but I feel all the colors work better together/offer better contrast and with my weird vision issues due to my past retinopathy treatments, this is preferable for me.
  • When I am high or low and my Dexcom G5 alerts me it gives me more information RIGHT AWAY, than my G4 did. For example, on both systems my low threshold is set to 70. If I hit 65 on the G4 it would alarm but the screen (before hitting the button) would just tell me that I was below 70 – I couldn’t see what my actual level was until I acknowledged the alert. On the G5 it will actually tell me what my current BG is before I even acknowledge the alert by hitting the button. This isn’t a major thing, but it was noticeable, and I like it.
  • My G5 receiver feels sturdier than my G4 receiver. It feels just a little heavier, but more importantly the buttons all feel more…solid? I don’t know how I want to explain it, exactly, but on the G4 receiver the buttons always seems ‘loose’ and kind of…wobbly. Everything just feels higher quality on the G5. This could just be all in my imagination however – maybe it’s just a difference between ‘old, very well used receiver’ vs. ‘brand new receiver’ and has nothing to do with G4 vs G5.
  • The battery life of the receiver has been better than anticipated. The manual says 3 days of life on a full charge…but I went 3.5 days before I charged, and I still had about 33% remaining when I began charging.

Cons of the G5:

  • No Android app…..that’s literally my only current complaint.

2 thoughts on “A (Very Quick) Review of the Dexcom G5

  1. In addition to not working android phones my biggest concern has been the poor customer service, I’ve been waiting over a month for my refills. With Medtronic I get my order within 3 days. I hate going back to the Medtronic CGM but I’m tired of calling customer service for nothing.

  2. David Yolleck says:

    G5 attempts to measure no more than subcutaneous fluid glucose levels. It hardly does that much and frequently offers glucose values that are beyond 20% inconsistency with (One-Touch Verio IQ) conventional capillary blood meter. I’m not impressed with accuracy. I don’t think it’ll be part of an effect near-closed-loop automated glucose control system, integrated with something like Tandem T:Slim X2 pump. 1. It requires too many corrective calibrations (3 conventional meter glucose entries at 15-minute intervals for >20% discrepancy with meter value. The meters themselves aren’t wonderfully accurate or consistent. 2. G5 doesn’t even measure blood glucose. 3. It does measure blood levels of counterregulatory hormones. 4. It doesn’t measure digestive enzymes. 5. It combined with T:Slim X2, which provides unphysiologic subcutaneous delivery of insulin. With algorithms, that FDA might eventually approve, a relative loop closure should eventually be approved and come on market. It will need no be reliant on empirical models, without real-time measurements of chemistries outside of interstitial fluid glucose. My expectation is that such a system will eventually give rise to serious accidents, deaths and would be removed from market after those clinical horrors.

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