It Shouldn’t Be This Hard, Part 2

A supervisor/manager called within an hour of my last blog post going live (what a coincidence….considering I linked to it on Facebook and Twitter and called them out publicly on Twitter…). He apologized and said they’d ship my order first thing in the morning, overnight shipping at their expense. This is great, but I was a bit horrified that he named off an address I haven’t lived at since June. I still have NO IDEA how they got that address – I NEVER gave Solara that address! Yet last Thursday the person I spoke with named off that address – I corrected her, letting her know we moved across the street…and that is my billing address. I gave a completely different shipping address for my parents’ house because they are retired and can receive expensive/valuable packages on my behalf while my husband and I are at work. However, the gentleman I spoke with tonight had no record of these addresses. I sincerely hope this isn’t the beginning of what I went through with Edgepark…where they’d ship things to long expired addresses that I had requested over and over and over and over they delete from their system…..

Anyway, my package did not ship yesterday morning. It did ship by late afternoon local time (mid-evening in my time-zone). It made it here overnight and was delivered to my parents’ house this morning. I’m not a fan of the fact that no signature was required, so UPS just left it outside on my parents’ porch. (When will medical supply companies learn to at least ASK if we’d like to have to sign for our EXPENSIVE packages???)

I had a brief moment of panic when I opened the box and saw only one transmitter. Dexcom has been pretty clear they are shipping all new G5 systems with TWO transmitters, because they time out after 3 months (with a short grace period of some additional days built in). I called back the manager at Solara and got his voicemail. I inquired whether I was supposed to receive only one, or I should have gotten two – and will I experience weird billing/authorization issues when I request another one in 90 days….since MOST people are receiving two right off the bat and will not need to reorder for 180 days…

After my brief panic I took a closer look at the individual boxes. That’s when I noticed something interesting….. their pharmacy people are complete morons, and now it’s confirmed! Yes, I have 3 refills on my transmitters…so that question is answered. However, instead of 11 refills on my sensors, I have 99. Yep, this year I could potentially (if I could afford it, which I most certainly CANNOT) obtain 100 boxes, in total, of sensors. Pretty sure that’s wrong…. And the thing that makes me mad? The prescriptions were registered in their pharmacy on October 14, 2015. That was 15 days ago. 15 days ago I was being told ‘We haven’t heard from your doctor’ and getting the run-around and being ignored. So….I was lied to by Solara, so that my prescription order could sit for almost 2 weeks without being processed.


I’m so over this, and I’ve only used them for one order. No one has bothered to mention to me if they have an autoship program, and if so am I on it. Since it was never mentioned and I certainly didn’t give permission to bill me for future orders, I’m going to use the next 30 days to try to find ANYONE else who may take my pharmacy benefits for Dexcom supplies and get my RXs transferred. This experience has put a very sour taste in my mouth. Diabetes is hard enough, without adding bad customer service, lies, and unnecessary waiting to the mix.

I’m going to call Byram tomorrow and see if they take my pharmacy benefits….they were AWESOME when I got my Dexcom G4 and subsequent supplies through my medical benefits with them. Not a single problem for almost a year and a half. I could easily reorder online and know my supplies would be delivered within 5 business days, to the correct address. The one time they needed to call my endo for a refill RX on the sensors they let me know why there was a delay. Love them…want to go back to them.

Knowing my luck, I’ll be stuck with Solara however. Cause that’s how things go for me….


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