It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

I’ve been trying to get a Dexcom G5. I never upgraded to the G4 with Share, and my G4 system went out of warranty in early May. I’ve been using my current system while ‘walking on eggshells’, but I wanted to wait for the G5 release. When Dexcom made their announcement I decided it was time to get a new system.

It’s been a horrible two months…and I still don’t have a G5. This story is so long and convoluted it would be funny except it’s too sad and infuriating to be funny.

My insurance policy states that they require preauthorization be obtained before a CGM can be purchased. So I called my insurance company’s ‘medical management’ and left a message. A day later no one had returned my call so I called again. I was told ‘you don’t obtain authorization…the DME provider does’.

My insurance is technically an EPO so I went with my ONE in network provider, our ‘in house’ (insert name of my employer here) DME provider. I called and requested information on how to start the process to order a Dexcom, via voicemail. The next day I got a call back from someone saying ‘We don’t handle that. Go through your local (insert name of my employer here) pharmacy.’

So I called the pharmacy and left a message. A day later I got a call back saying they have no idea what a Dexcom is and cannot obtain it for me.  So I called back the in-house DME provider and left another voicemail. A day later, I get a call back from someone referring me to someone else within their department. I call her and leave a voicemail. A day later I get a call back from her and am alerted that I will need to submit 90 days of BG logs to her. NOT a Dexcom report – they want my actual fingerstick results.

I use three meters (one kept at home, one kept in my purse, one kept in my desk at my full-time job) so I had to pull three meters and try to download to Diasend. Only one would download. So…I had to go through them each and log everything by hand. This took several days because it took HOURS of time. I emailed this out and then heard nothing for about a week. Called back and was told ‘We are obtaining preauthorization…but it can take up to two weeks’.

So a week later I called again and was told I’d received authorization and they’d act as go-between for me and Dexcom. Then Dexcom, being overwhelmed by orders, never got back to my ‘in house’ DME provider. Eventually I called again and requested pricing info in the interim and was told ‘we don’t actually have a contract in place with Dexcom…’ and the price quoted was SO FREAKING ASTRONOMICAL it was frightening. Like…5x the cash-pay price direct from Dexcom. So…I called Dexcom to confirm/deny this, because I couldn’t believe it. They could neither confirm nor deny in a timely manner, so I asked them a few days later about my pharmacy benefits. Three days passed with no word so I called again and was told ‘we don’t take your pharmacy benefits…but Solara Medical does.’

Then I called my ‘in-house’ DME provider, cancelled my order, and called Solara Medical. I left a message. No response. The next day I left a message. No response. The following week I left two messages. No responses. Finally I managed to reach a LIVING PERSON and she took my pharmacy benefit information. Four days passed with no answer, so I called back and left a voicemail. Someone called me the next day and told me my pharmacy benefits were acknowledged, my price would be $300 for the system, $100 per month thereafter for sensors, would I like to order? So I said yes, and they requested my doctor’s information. It took them three days to even fax paperwork to my doctor, and then another day to call me back after it was returned to them.

This was last Thursday and on that call I gave my credit card info to pay my $300 (which was immediately charged…they can do THAT quickly!) and I was told that I’d get a shipping confirmation and would have my G5 system in 5-7 business days. It’s now been 3 business days….I have received no shipping confirmation. I’ve left two more voicemails and I’ve emailed my ‘intake coordinator’ at Solara. No responses.

Really…it shouldn’t be this hard.



This is a product I REQUIRE. I don’t want it because I have some sick desire to continually stab myself with needles. I don’t want it because I enjoy wearing medical devices stuck to my skin…medical devices which cause me rashes and discomfort.

I need this because I CANNOT FEEL LOW BLOOD SUGARS. That, as you are well aware, is dangerous. This technology can essentially eliminate the danger.

Yet these companies act like patients…patients like me, patients in general…don’t matter. They take their sweet time doing seemingly nothing, dragging their feet, etc. They show extremely poor customer service, compassion, concern, etc, as if they are the only option in the world.

Let me tell you a little secret (which really isn’t a secret, if you’ve read my blog before): I’ve never been confined to an ‘only option’. I have been known to go ‘out of network’ to get supplies that I need, because my in network option(s) sucked so bad and provided such horrible service. I will happily quit my relationship with Solara before it ever really begins, if that is what I feel is best for me and my health. Period.

Here’s to hoping someone gets back to me tomorrow….


2 thoughts on “It Shouldn’t Be This Hard

  1. Doug says:

    I also didn’t upgrade to share (because it didn’t work with android), but I did want to get the latest greatest with the G5.
    I went to the website, clicked the button saying upgrade and it gave me a $199 price tag for the receiver and 2 transmitters. Deal!!
    Now I just have to wait for them to catch up with the orders, although my status says the order went through 10/20 (i ordered it on 10/12 while waiting for my endo appointment) and expected ship date was 10/21. No shipping notice yet, nor has my card been charged. Just sitting back and waiting…

    • Awesome! I think you caught a bug in their system – pretty sure only G4 with Share users were supposed to get the $199 upgrade – so lucky you! I have heard, however, that ‘upgrade’ orders are now backstocked until December…instead they are first processing ‘new’ orders for totally new customers or customers who they have a record of being ‘out of warranty’. I was definitely out of warranty!

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