Asante Solutions: Out of Business

If you use an Asante Snap insulin pump you have likely been notified by Asante Solutions, but for the general public who may be interested, this comes directly from the Asante Snap’s website on their ‘Blog’ link under the ‘About Us’ title:

We regret to inform you that as of Friday, May 15, 2015, Asante Solutions, maker of the Snap Insulin Pump, will be closing our doors and the company will no longer be in business. If you are a Snap user, please contact your healthcare provider with any clinical questions you have. For questions about your pump supplies, please contact the distributor that has been shipping your supplies.

If you are interested in transitioning to a new pump, we suggest you call Animas to learn more about the new Animas Vibe, which is integrated with Dexcom CGM. Animas is graciously offering a limited time offer to all existing Snap users to transition to the Animas Vibe pump. If you are interested in learning more, simply call 1-877-937-7867 x1562.

We sincerely regret this situation.

Asante Solutions


2 thoughts on “Asante Solutions: Out of Business

  1. I’ve seen on Minimed’s website and either Tandem or OmniPod’s website that there is a program to switch from Asante to their pump, and by trading in your Asante it will significantly lower the cost.

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