Pump Me Up!

If you haven’t heard, there’s been some exciting news in the insulin pump world lately.

Here in the USA the long-awaited Animas Vibe is now FDA approved and you can pre-order your pump before their official release sometime next month.

The Animas Vibe integrates an Animas pump (like the Ping…but without the remote meter) with a Dexcom G4 system, displaying CGM readings right on the pump’s screen.

In addition, Medtronic has released their new 640G system in Australia. The 640G is a completely updated pump, in terms of looks. It includes a full color screen instead of the old pager-style screen Medtronic is known for. It continues to integrate the Medtronic CGM with the pump, and also comes with a remote meter. This is a huge win for Medtronic because this is a key feature the Animas Vibe is missing.

Personally, I am not a Medtronic fan but their new pump looks cool. I love my Dexcom however, so integration for me has to involve a Dexcom. I’d love to test drive an Animas Vibe, but I ultimately am holding out for the much anticipated t:slim G4 insulin pump (the t:slim with integrated Dexcom) to be FDA approved.

(Speaking of t:slim there are rumors of a t:flex, which will have a 480 unit reservoir for those with insulin resistance and/or Type 2 who may need to use larger daily doses being released sometime in 2015, and there continue to be whispers of a t:dual which is a dual chambered pump capable of holding both insulin and glucagon – in theory, for use in a closed loop/artificial pancreas system.)

So many exciting things for those of us with D to consider in our arsenal of tools!


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