Diagnosis Date

I have never known my exact date of diagnosis.  Things were a blur at that time, because diagnosis came in the midst of a family vacation, so all my parents could ever tell me was that it was late July. I assumed it was near or on a weekend, because we had been on vacation for a day or so when I was diagnosed.  I estimated it was July 26, 1992 and that is the date that I’ve declared as my ‘diaversary’ every year since I started even really caring about a diaversary a few years ago.

Today my GP let me know that their clinic was accumulating records for their patients and were working with all other major networks in the state to compile one electronic record that would encompass EVERYTHING, whether I’d been seen for/diagnosed with a condition there or somewhere else. I said I’d be very interested in obtaining access to those records and I was given access right away and ……. look what I found:


Yep, that’s the date I was diagnosed with IDDM (Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus)…….July 23, 1992.  My estimate was only 3 days off.

And now I FINALLY know!



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