Dexcom G4

In less than a week I should be live with a Dexcom G4 system and I’m very excited!

I’ve experience a lot of lows lately that I have not been able to feel, and it’s starting to scare me.  I spoke to my endocrinologist about a week and a half ago and he agreed I’d be better off with a CGM. product-1_0

I found the ordering process quite simple – all of the ‘Getting Started’ forms are right on Dexcom’s website and you can easily download them and email them to customer service. My endocrinologist’s LPN filled in the medical necessity form and got in contact with a local representative of the company that she knows.

He worked with me to figure out what we could do with my insurance coverage and I made him promise we wouldn’t even consider Edgepark Medical (because I absolutely hate them and refuse to ever work with them again).  I got set up with Diabetes Specialty Center/Byram.  Dexcom forwarded all my information, including my RX, to them so all I had to do was give them the go ahead to ship the system!

It should arrive between Monday and Wednesday.

If anyone has any tips they think would be helpful for a first time Dexcom-er, I’d love to hear them!  I’m a little intimidated from seeing videos of sensor insertions, so any comforting comments are appreciated too, haha!


3 thoughts on “Dexcom G4

  1. Ian says:

    Hi – don’t worry at all about the sensor insertion – it’s really easy and although the kit looks big on the videos the needle gauge is actually really small!

    Press the white dressing down firmly to your skin before you fire the sensor inserter – I pinch the skin all the way around it after I stick it on – makes the dressing adhere better.

    I’ve found that the sensors take about 12 hours to settle in and then are really very accurate.

    The whole setup is waterproof but if you get the dressing wet too often it peels off – for swimming I put an Opsite dressing over the top of it.

    Well done – you’ll wonder how you did without it!

  2. Hellana says:

    The G4 is really easy to use and pretty accurate except for the first 24 hours. For me, the first 24 hours alert to a lot of lows that really aren’t there. After that, it works beautifully. A great tip is to always call support if your sensors don’t last the full 7 days. They are very good about replacing sensors so don’t feel like you have to keep it in if it hurts or is inaccurate. Good luck!

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