Review: Balancing Diabetes by Kerri Sparling

Kerri Sparling of Six Until Me has recently published her first book Balancing Diabetes: Conversations About Finding Happiness and Living Well. I purchased a copy last week and received it Friday.  I’ve since devoured it. (And highlighted a lot of it…..all the things I connect with, all the things I said ‘Yes! Me too!’ to…)

If you haven’t read it, you need to.  You will not regret it.Image

Kerri writes in a way that all PWD can relate to and understand, as she calls upon her own experiences, emotions, and thoughts.  But she doesn’t stop there – she gets the viewpoints of many other PWD as well.

What drew me in to the book initially is that we were the same age when we were diagnosed, neither of us really have memories of ‘life before diagnosis’.  But beyond that I found so many other things I could connect to; I often felt like I was reading my own story and my own thoughts.  

Kerri understands, intimately, what it is like to be diagnosed young, but she also does a wonderful job of connecting to PWD who were diagnosed later in life and spotlights their stories and experiences in her book just as much as she does the story of herself and others diagnosed young.

She gives practical advice on things such as handling diabetes at college/away from parental guidance for the first time, diabetes and relationships/love, diabetes and pregnancy, diabetes and exercise, fitting all kinds of D-tech into your life, etc.

It was a refreshing look at diabetes (especially Type 1) in general. I feel that so many books on diabetes are either very medical or very scientific and don’t give as much credit to the social-emotional aspects of diabetes and the ways in which diabetes realistically affects daily life. This book delivered on all those counts.

I will definitely be reading it again…but for now I’ve passed it off to my husband in the hopes that he will read it as well.

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