Up&Up Premium Blood Glucose Meter: A Closer Look

Yesterday I received my new meter, courtesy of Agamatrix. I performed several tests yesterday against my standard meter (One Touch Verio IQ) to see how close the results were. Here is what I found:

photo (3)photo (4)photo (2)photo (1)

Pretty close.  Not perfect, but two of the tests were within 5 mg/dl (and my test this morning, not pictured, was 2 mg/dl apart).

There are several things I like and dislike about this meter:


  • I like the bold red color of the meter
  • I love the small size – it’s even smaller than my Verio IQ
  • It’s easy to use and to program
  • It gives me smiley faces if my BG is in a good range (you can change this range – mine is set from 70-140) – it may seem cheesy but sometimes you just want to see a smiley face after you poke your finger to make yourself bleed
  • The strips come in containers of 50. I know, One Touch Verio strips now also come in containers of 50 but they didn’t used to – and that was annoying. It always seemed like there was so much spare space in the containers. So I like that right off the bat I can say Agamatrix is making the best use of space and plastic materials (have I mentioned how much I hate the amount of waste having diabetes creates?).
  • It displays the date and time on the screen, even when not being used


  • I dislike the case it c omes in because it’s so small I can’t fit my beloved Multiclix lancing device in it – I will have to find a different case.
  • I dislike the lancing device that comes with this meter. (I’m weirdly picky about my lancing devices)
  • It has no strip port light for testing in the dark, which I’ve come to love (and yes, take for granted) with my Verio IQ
  • The screen is highly reflective, meaning it can be hard to read
  • The screen lights up – but it’s one of those old-school indiglo-esque backlights that isn’t very bright and makes me think of the 90s
  • It uses TWO CR2032 batteries…….I am used to being able to CHARGE my Verio IQ so it will be an adjustment to return to buying batteries

Despite my dislikes, it tests close enough to my Verio IQ to make it worth the $612/yr it will save me in test strip copays and I will be switching over to it full-time in January or February.

Thank you again to Agamatrix for sending me the meter, a vial of 50 test strips, a bottle of control solution, and 2 logbooks. I appreciate being given the chance to take this meter for a test run before committing fully to it.


One thought on “Up&Up Premium Blood Glucose Meter: A Closer Look

  1. Barb says:

    Hi….I just found your blog and you have a lot of good info on it….so thank you. Do you know where I can find website that carries better cases for the meters? I have the vario iq and I HATE the case. Thanks in advance for your help.


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