Agamatrix: An Update

I recently posted about my frustration in not being able to give an Up&Up Premium Blood Glucose Meter a test run before committing to it by changing over my RXs,etc.

A marketing representative of Agamatrix reached out to me via email today and has let me know that they will be sending me a complimentary meter and strips to my address and apologized for any frustration caused.

This was a big surprise.  I did not expect this (a. I thought the issue was settled and b. I had only inquired about strips). 

I truly appreciate this move on their part, but find it interesting at the same time because there seems to be a disconnect between customer service and marketing.

Either way, I look forward to testing the meter out against my OneTouch Verio IQ and if I find it to be accurate I look forward to switching to that meter full-time.


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