One Touch Reveal app

For those of you who have been waiting a long time, like me, for the release of the OneTouch VerioSync glucose meter….you still need to wait.

But the app that will be used along with the meter has been released on the iTunes store.  (Search for ‘One Touch Reveal’) Last night I put it on my iPad and I am beginning to explore some of its functionality.OTReveal

My initial thoughts are that it’s a very aesthetically pleasing app – vibrant colors, easy to use/navigate, etc.  It allows you to manually input glucose results, carbs you have eaten, activity you have done, and meds (insulin) you have taken. You can customize your high and low thresholds for the logbook so they can appear in different colors to bring your attention to them. With any logbook entry you can add a note/annotation. And then, when the meter is released, we should be able to quickly sync results directly from the meter to the applicable iDevice using Bluetooth.

However: unless there is something I am missing, I see NO WAY to print or save a report or graph of any kind related to my results.  This is a huge downfall for me – it’s something I look for in an app.  Why would I want to make use of a logging app if I can’t take that information OUT of the app for use by my medical team? This means that if I want my doctor to see any of it, I’d have to take my iPad with me to every visit and none of those results would be included in my EMR.  Hmmm, no thanks?

I will continue to log via this app, in the hopes that OneTouch will release an update in the future that will allow for saving/printing reports, but as a back up I will continue to log with the ‘Diabetes Pal’ app by Telcare.

And…I will continue (impatiently) waiting for the release of the meter.

EDIT ON 12/2/13 TO ADD: Several others in the DOC were having a conversation via Twitter about the app and the lack of ability to export the logbook. We did manage to figure out (amongst the four of us…eventually…) that you can email yourself a report of any entered BG results for the past 14 days.  However, different time frames aren’t an option, and we haven’t found a way to include any of the notes, insulin doses, carbs eaten, etc. with those BG results.  So, while it’s better than not being able to export anything, there is still a lot missing in terms of usability of reports with this app.


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