I Am Thankful

As we approach Thanksgiving it’s a naturally good time to reflect on the things for which we are thankful.  This year I have even more to be thankful for than in the past….since last Thanksgiving I’ve gotten married and my niece was born.

In terms of my diabetes I have things to be thankful for.  Don’t get me wrong – I am NOT thankful for diabetes, but since I have it I am thankful that at least….

…I have an awesome and supportive endocrinologist.

…I have the support, concern, and curiosity of my coworkers (just a few days ago I had another discussion with a coworker while I was checking my blood sugar in which I answered a lot of ‘what if?’ questions for him in regards to insulin usage – I love when people ask me intelligent questions about diabetes and genuinely want to learn about it)

…I have a husband who will get me a juice box in the night if I’m unable to get up and get one myself, no complaints.

…I have such awesome friends in the DOC.  (This has been exemplified by someone just this week who is sending me several months of t:slim cartridges and Insets for a small fee, because she switched to the Omnipod and doesn’t need the supplies, while (for various reasons) I really need to wait until next year to place a supply order…but that means I’d run out of cartridges.  Thanks to her, I won’t run out.)  (I believe in the idea of karma, and since I sent all my unneeded Medtronic supplies to someone when I went off my Paradigm, and sent most of my unneeded Animas cartridges to someone when I went off my Ping….I guess this is karma’s way of coming back to me.)

…I live in a time and place where, while it’s expensive, I at least have access to a blood glucose meter and test strips, as well as insulin (and my pump) on a daily basis.  So many people in the world can’t even check their blood sugars daily….in many places a diagnosis of T1 is like a death sentence because insulin is not available and education about diabetes is negligible.

What are you thankful for?


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