Cleo 90 Sets

A few months ago I heard a lot of t:slim users talking about the Cleo 90 infusion sets, and I wanted to give them a try. When contacting Smiths Medical, the manufacturer, I was told that they do not give out any free samples – they recommended I buy a box.

Seeing as how I pay a 20% coinsurance and the contracted rates with my insurance are so high, that was an absurd answer to me, and I declined.

A nice gentleman in the t:slim users group on FB offered to mail me a few.  He mailed me three sets (6mm cannula, 42in tubing).  

I have since used two of those sets.  Here are my thoughts:


  • The connector is much smaller than some other sets. It seems to me it takes up less space on my skin and is a bit more ‘flat’ to the skin.
  • While some people have spoken of skin issues/irritation with the adhesive (it’s different than that used with most other infusion sets), I haven’t had irritation or itching at all. My old standby, Insets, actually cause me more itching.
  • The set can be connected to the cradle in any direction you want, so when you insert the set you don’t have to worry about what angle your tubing is sticking out at. This is great if you change where you stow your pump from day to day because you change the direction of your tubing and make sure things are right where you want them.
  • The tubing seems to be made of a more flexible material than other tubing. It may be my imagination but it also seemed just a bit thinner.


  • My blood sugars seemed to spike significantly after about 30-36 hours with the set in. I can wear an Inset for 4+ days (I know, NOT recommended!) without BG issues. This may have to do with the set itself, or could just be that I was using 6mm cannulas and I have always used 9mm with every other set.
  • Insertion isn’t fully ‘automated’ like with other sets. With other sets that come with an inserter you press down on some buttons of some kind and the spring-loaded injector plunges the needle in – you don’t control the speed. With this set YOU control the needle going in. It’s not a totally manual insert, but it’s definitely not like Insets or Quick-sets or Springs. I am not a fan of that – after 21 years, I DO still have some anxiety about sticking needles into myself.

While the set has a lot of pros, the cons outweigh them for me – especially the BG issues.  I have one more set left, and I’m sure I’ll use it. But I likely won’t actually order any sets with future supply orders.


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