Many of you asked me to follow-up on my last post.

I don’t have the best news to share.

At the end of today’s lecture my professor clarified for the class that insulin does not cure diabetes…….but then went on to spew some crap that basically insinuated we’re all going to be blind amputees.


The sheer stupidity just astounds and overwhelms me.

My husband asked me if I’m going to contact the professor again.  I will not. I feel that if I do….he’ll just correct that statement and then say three more incorrect things.

Sometimes…you just can’t fix stupid.

(On a side note, in our lab sections I will happily be correcting anyone’s misconceptions this week, as it’s a smaller class and our TA encourages participation.)


5 thoughts on “Follow-Up

  1. complicatedfabulous says:

    That just makes me ill. Sorry that he didn’t take the proper steps to correct his mistake. Maybe when the class is over you can write a letter to the department chair about what happened. 😦

  2. This professor already confessed to being wrong one time; his credibility is already stained. And I’m sure most of the class can realize the absurdity of all T1D’s becoming “blind amputees”…. I’d give the class a little more credit than that. Don’t worry about it — if you focus all your energy on correcting this professor, it will distract you from your schoolwork, which IMHO is more important.

  3. Trish Greer says:

    I don’t think this professor is worth correcting. I agree that the students are probably wiser that he/she is, so you can’t let him/her bother you so much. He should have been big enough to not only openly apologize to the class, but also should have asked you to share with the class a little bit about Type 1 D.
    How much more time do you have to listen to his lectures??? I hope they’re over soon and you don’t have him again:) Have a good end of the school year.

  4. Ugh! I feel angry for you! I had a similar experience at univeristy when a ‘health professional’ in my class started telling everyone that diabetics can’t be trusted to look after themselves and so should have stricter legislation applied to their driving and workplace conditions and that it should be mandatory for a nurse to check in on them once a week and a blood sugar check be conducted to start a car. Well done to you for saying something in the first place but I agree sometimes you can’t fix everyone!

  5. I was wondering what had happened with said professor. It’s amazing, sometimes, how people can basically be alright with spreading incorrect information. It’s sad, actually. You’re right though, you really can’t fix it dumb. :/

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