Quick Sticks Review

About a month ago I bought a box of the Sour Apple flavored Quick Sticks at my local Walmart. I had been looking for them for a while and it was the first time I was able to actually find them.  I’ve been using them to correct lows lately and I really like them!  Here’s my assessment:Image

Pros: These are compact and fit in my wallet/purse/backpack/where ever very very easily. Also, I like that they are 10g of carbs.  I don’t follow the ‘Rule of 15’ (treat with 15g of carb, wait 15 minutes, retest) because 15g of carbs is often more than I need if I am at home or in class.  (The only time I need 15g or more is if I am at work, which is often physically demanding (at work I default to juice boxes for my lows)). I also appreciate that they are completely water-free, so they can’t freeze or get weird in cold weather (let me tell you….the jelly beans I left in my car over the winter got really bizarre and were hard to eat….).

Cons: The only con for me is the price point. I paid $4.98 for a box at Walmart, and that was marked as a ‘special’ or sale price.  I haven’t checked the price since I bought them, so I’m not sure if that truly was a sale price or if that is the everyday price.  However, this is far too expensive for me to use Quick Sticks as my long-term hypoglycemia solution.  I am on a really tight budget, and it makes a lot more fiscal sense for me to defer to other methods of correcting lows.  One box of Quick Sticks will correct 12 lows, for a cost of 41.5 cents per low BG….while I can buy Hi-C juice boxes and correct a low BG for 28 cents apiece.  Or I can buy Target’s brand of jelly beans and correct a low BG for about 8 cents!

Final assessment……..you should definitely try these. They are a great way to correct lows without OVERcorrecting, taste good, are a convenient size, etc.  The price is just too high for me (and, I suspect, for many in the DOC) to use them as the primary means of correcting lows.


5 thoughts on “Quick Sticks Review

    • The Level Life glucose gel? Yes, that stuff is CRAZY expensive. I got free samples in the mail and loved them but I would NEVER spend over $3 to correct 3 lows. That is RIDICULOUS. I can’t imagine someone who pays out of pocket for insulin or test strips ever even considering these products, because they have to spend so much on the other essentials.

  1. Unfortunately, these do break open in my purse, which means lipsticks and hair ties and a Fisher-Price Little People now have a watermelon sugar coating all over them.
    I went back to Starburst and put them in Ziplocs so they stay fresh.

  2. William Neal says:

    apparently they have went out of business or have sold their “patent pending”. Walgreens and Wal Mart no longer offer this item, online or in store.

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