Endo Visit

I saw my endo today.  He was just as puzzled as I am by my recent insulin resistance. He said he’s encouraged by the fact that I was able to get my rates and ratios to a point where I am back under control, but he’s stumped as to why in the course of a few days I could get to a point where I suddenly need 10-15 more units of insulin per day.

He ordered my regular bloodwork, but also is having a few other tests run to check some other hormone levels and see if something hormonal is ‘off’.  That includes my TSH levels, which up until now have been normal…but I do have a history of hypothyroidism in my family and I was exhibiting goiter a few years ago, which seemed to resolve itself shortly after.

My HbA1c is up a tiny bit from 5.5% to 5.6%, but that’s perfectly fine – my goal is to keep it under 6% for the rest of my life.  (It’s been under 6% since December of 2010!)

The best part? Being told I was his ‘poster child for great control’.  Just 5 years ago I was most likely his nightmare patient!


4 thoughts on “Endo Visit

  1. complicatedfabulous says:

    i hope my daughter can be a poster child for great control! i wait on pins and needles for her a1c numbers at each visit. under 6 is awesome!

  2. Trish Greer says:

    Great job on your A1C! A lifetime goal under 6% is quite an undertaking. I know to keep it under 6.5% takes a lot of work and very little “vacation time”. I’d love to have you come to my diabetes day camp, the first week of June in Topeka, KS. If you’re at all interested, let me know. I love reading your blogs. Thanks again for sharing about your endo visit. I was praying for you:)

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