WTFructose: An Ongoing Tale of Utter Confusion

I have no idea what is going on with me lately, but I am suddenly extremely insulin resistant.

Extremely. Insulin. Resistant.

It’s like pumping water.

The thing is – it’s only happening during part of the day.  I am fine when I get up in the morning. Fine through breakfast and lunch.  Then around 3pm….something happens.  My body turns against itself (or against my insulin) and all hell breaks lose.

Two weeks ago I was averaging BGs of 124, pumping a TDD of about 37 units.  In the past week I’ve gotten to the point where I am averaging a BG of 204, pumping a TDD of 60+ units.


It's literally the name of my current profile on my t:slim....

It’s literally the name of my current profile on my t:slim….

I’ve taken my basals from about 1u/hr to 1.5u/hr.  I’ve taken my ISF from 1:40 to 1:35.  I’ve taken my I:C from 1:10 to 1:8.  On top of that, I’m correcting with many many many units of insulin every night.

Nothing is working.

The fact that my BGs are good during the first part of the day makes it hard for me to believe it’s an insulin, infusion set, or cartridge issue (though I’ve changed all of them, just in case….to no avail).

It’s not dawn phenomenon….cause, well, I wake up long before 3pm.

It’s not a female hormone thing, and even if it were it would not go on this long and this extreme.

I don’t feel stressed (actually this started during my spring break – I was pretty relaxed!).

I do not feel sick.

I do not feel like I am experiencing allergies.

I cannot figure this thing out and it frustrates the heck out of me.  I see my endocrinologist on Tuesday, and maybe he can help – but I also feel badly that I’m going to go to him and say ‘Here, look! I’ve had HORRIBLE control this past few weeks – but I was fine before that, honestly, I was!’

What scares me most is that this could cause my retinopathy to act up majorly.  And a major flare-up is the last thing I need.

So, until I see my endo….I’ll just be puzzled.  And I’ll keep increasing those ratios and rates in the hopes of taming this monster we call diabetes.


2 thoughts on “WTFructose: An Ongoing Tale of Utter Confusion

  1. VikkiToria says:


    I was reading this post, and it was like I had written it.
    The same thing happens to me. My sugars are pretty much stable most of the time, and then it just goes out of whack for no reason!?
    I have spoken to my Endo and she doesn’t know why, either?
    Then, by some miracle, it will just go back to normal. The longest was when my sugars went haywire for 3 months. No matter what I did, they just didn’t want to co-operate!
    And like you, I am petrified that my eyes will start bleeding again!

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