T:connect is LIVE!

Tandem’s t:connect software is now live! If you use a t:slim pump you can now upload your pump data for viewing and analysis.  This is the day every t:slim user has been waiting for! Get your software here for either Windows or Mac.

From my experience….the first time you upload data it will be a slow process.  It should take less time during subsequent uploads.  (And to be fair, the news broke almost immediately on FB and I believe there were MANY of us all trying to upload to the server at the exact same time…)

While the reports are nice and give you all the information you want (except maybe for standard deviation), and the colors are bright and easy to interpret, I have experienced a few problems:

I incorrectly entered a BG in my pump once (should have entered 281, entered 28….but then I went back and fixed it before bolusing)…….however this 28 got uploaded and is now a part of my logbook. I can’t delete it. So not only is it throwing off my average and my graphs, my Dashboard shows my lowest BG as 28……when in fact it was 47.

In addition, for some reason the Dashboard shows that my insulin breakdown includes 0 units of basal insulin, accounting for 0% of my insulin usage. This simply isn’t true.  I use about 27-30 units a day of basal insulin, accounting for about 60%+ of my insulin usage.  This seems to be a strange error and I can’t figure out why the software is doing this. My pump history shows the correct information but somehow it got ‘lost in translation’. I will try re-uploading tomorrow and see if the error is fixed.

While I love that the software is available, at this point I don’t see myself using it often. I use Standard Deviation as a landmark number in how well I am controlling my BG, and I don’t see that in any of the reports on t:connect (someone please point it out if I am mistaken!). I also do not like that I cannot in any way fix/edit/delete something that got uploaded incorrectly or had been inadvertently entered incorrectly on my pump – this makes for incorrect reports. While I can add a ‘note’ to the log about the incorrect entry, the entry is still there, throwing things off – and this ultimately really bothers me. I love data and numbers – but I don’t like incorrect data and numbers thrown in.

For now I’ll be sticking with my manual logging in Diabetes Pal by Telcare – because there I CAN see SD and I can edit entries to my heart’s content to know that I am getting the most reliable reports and graphs.

EDIT: It’s the next morning and I tried to re-upload my pump and meter. I got my pump to re-upload but the basal information is still wrong in my Dashboard – it’s now showing I get about 10u per day of basal insulin.  I have no clue where that information is coming from, but it’s WRONG.

In good news, Sarah, another t:slimmer, told me where to find the Standard Deviation information. However…with that incorrect BG of 28 that I cannot delete, my SD is WAY off.  But at least it’s there!

I am unable to upload my meter today – I keep getting error messages indicating the uploader software cannot connect to the server.

Tandem is very responsive to issues however, and I anticipate that they will have new releases of the software fairly quickly. I’ll check back in monthly to see how things are going with t:connect! I love the pump and I anticipate good things for the software too. As others have pointed out, no first release is ever perfect.


3 thoughts on “T:connect is LIVE!

  1. I had the same problem — I was trying to upload 308, but somehow missed the 8 and got 30, so now it’s showing a low of 30. Which I’m GLAD I didn’t have, even though the 308 wasn’t fun, either. But I’m more interested in showing my doc just what’s been going on with me, and I’m going to ask him to download Dexcom Studio as well. And you’re right about the idea that maybe Tandem is going to work on it to make it less buggy. Maybe we can give them suggestions, like including the standard deviation? 🙂

  2. Just read your edit: where is the standard deviation? Mine is going to be sucky, because of the kinked cannula problem I had last week, but I THINK I can get it down! Not sure just where it should be, but I’m assuming the lower the better?

    • Go to Reports —> Activity Summary and then look under the first pie chart (titled Blood Glucose Summary). I find my SD is thrown way off by that false low that is in my data. Yes, a smaller SD is better – it means you are keeping your BGs in a tighter range. Typically, if your avg BG is in a good range you want to get your SD to be as close to 1/3 of your avg BG as possible.

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