OneTouch Verio IQ Recall

If you use a Verio IQ meter, you should look at this information.

I personally am probably not going to send mine back in – if my BG is ever over 1024 I’ll be close to dead – and hopefully in the hospital. (I know this – I was once 900, going into a coma, and my parents were told I’d likely die… a 1024 would likely never be seen by me at home on my meter anyway….)

But if you are concerned about your meter not shutting itself down and resetting when it’s introduced to blood with a BG of 1024+ mg/dl, you may want to contact OneTouch to find out how to get a new meter sent to you.


One thought on “OneTouch Verio IQ Recall

  1. I’m not going to bother, either. I was almost dead with approximately 600 a couple of years ago — I don’t think I even COULD reach 1024. But it’s a nice number — 2 to the 10th power! 🙂

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