High BGs suck

Tonight before dinner my BG was 378 mg/dl.  I cringed a bit at that, especially because I haven’t seen over 300 in over a month. But I assumed that I had wildly mis-SWAGed that ice cream I had this afternoon, and I went about giving a correction and bolusing for dinner.  I ate a little more at dinner than I thought I would so I bolused a few more units after dinner.

I got distracted and didn’t check my BG until a good 4 hours post-dinner.

478 mg/dl.

That is a scary number. I know how fast I go into DKA, and I know how bad it can become for me in a short amount of time. I didn’t try to figure out if it was the insulin in my cartridge or my set or just a miscalculated bolus – I gave an injection via syringe and then changed out my cartridge and set.  I have a temp basal rate of 200% for 2 hours.  I’m drinking water. I’m doing everything I know to do, but it doesn’t stop the fear that it could get a lot worse.

The good news is that I am negative for ketones, via Ketostix.  I wish I had a blood ketone meter to use, but alas I must rely on my urinalysis sticks.

The funny thing is that before checking my BG I felt fine.  Now that I realize I am high I have a killer headache, my vision is blurring, and I realize how thirsty I am.

I haven’t hit a high THIS high in years – and I want to go another few years before it happens again, at least.


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