Spring Infusion Set

I am one of those people who just don’t try new infusion sets often.  When I pumped with a Minimed Paradigm 722 I began with Quick Sets….and I stayed with them the whole time. When I switched to an Animas Ping I began using Insets.  I stayed with them.  When I switched to the t:slim I kept using the Insets.  Until today. picstitch

I used a Spring Universal infusion set today. I am a bit torn on the set.

Cons: I thought it would lie flatter under my clothing, but I think the Insets are actually less noticeable. It took me several seconds to get the tubing to ‘click’ onto the set and the disconnect/reconnect isn’t as smooth as with the Insets.

Pros: I like that the tubing can rotate in a full circle around the set. I also like that the insertion device automatically retracts the insertion needle after it places the cannula under the skin so there is no risk of accidentally poking yourself afterwards (ask me how many times I have stabbed myself after inserting an Inset – go ahead, ask me!).  Something else very big for me is that there seems to be less waste than with the Insets.  I may be incorrect, as the insertion devices are shaped differently, etc.  but that is how it initially seemed to me…..and I believe I have mentioned before how much I hate that diabetes causes us to have a lot of unrecyclable waste.

The set has not been in long enough to talk about how the adhesive has held up or how absorption is, but I don’t anticipate any issues.

I guess time will tell if I end up liking this set over my trusty Insets….


EDIT: It’s now 3/27, and I tried to use a Spring set for the 2nd time. I had to insert THREE of them before I got one that stuck well enough to stay put and not pull off right away.  I am very disenchanted with this set now. First off, I pay 20% for my supplies – so this was a waste of money I can’t afford to lose. Secondly, who the heck wants to poke three insertion needles into themself in the space of 3 minutes? Ridiculous.  I’m not sure why my first one stuck so well while this time none of them seem to want to stick (I’m waiting for this third one to fall out…)


3 thoughts on “Spring Infusion Set

  1. Sara says:

    I’ve never tried them but I heard from someone who did (Kim – Texting My Pancreas) that they “sprung” quite easily and disconnected. I guess it is supposed to do that when there is an occlusion but it was doing it all the time for her. I’d keep an eye out for that if your BG starts to rise.

    • Thanks – I have had my eye on it. I have had this set in for about 30 hours and it has not ‘sprung’ yet, but I am frustrated because the tubing seems to disconnect from the set way too easily. This morning I went to shower and as I undressed I discovered my tubing was not connected to my set – and I know it had been before. I still don’t know how it came disconnected as I had only been sitting around eating breakfast and reading emails since the last time I had seen it connected.

  2. Sue says:

    I just saw this post, a little late to the game. But I have noticed the same thing with these sets. I tried them twice, 2 boxes, 20 sets. I’m pretty sure I gave them a fair chance. On Saturday morning I woke up and discovered that I wasn’t connected. Saturday afternoon I was doing laundry, leaned on the washer to get clothes out and the darned thing just popped right off! It takes very, very little pressure on just one of the tabs to disconnect it. They are garbage and I really don’t see how they even got approved!

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