Basal Testing

This week I don’t have classes because it’s Spring Break.  I decided that this week would be a great chance to do some basal testing.  I began last night at midnight….but only made it until 3am before I hit a low.

12am: 96…1:30am: 71…3am: 67

That really does help me though – I’ve been having a lot of night time lows and now I can see a timeframe in which I’m dropping.  I’ll adjust some of my later evening basal rates and retest Tuesday night.

I did some more testing this morning from 8am to noon.  This finding was interesting….

8am: 94…9am: 103…10:30am: 76…12am: 60

First, I didn’t even feel the 60 because I think my descent was so slow.  Secondly, I’m typically higher than I’d like pre-lunch….but it’s obviously NOT my basal rate that is causing that. If anything, my basal is set too high.  I think it’s time to assess my morning I:C ratio to try to get my pre-lunch numbers in a better range.

…This is going to continue all week. My goal is get my 24 hour basal profile squared away to where I like it, reassess my I:C ratios for each meal, and make sure my correction factor is also set correctly.

What a (not) fun week I have planned.


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