Best Search Terms

Fellow D-bloggers –

I think we all at times wonder how new readers find our blogs.  Many blogging services allow us to see what some of the search engine terms are that bring people to our blogs.  And sometimes they are just …. funny.

Here are a few of my faves – some I like because of the spelling errors (evasive instead of invasive, songi instead of somogyi), some I like because they are ironic, some I am fascinated by because I’m not sure how they led to MY blog, and others I like because they made me scratch my head and say ‘huh?’:

  • non evasive blood sugar testing
  • im normal if my a1c is a 5.5
  • onetouch verio and fatality
  • effect in diabetes songi effect
  • diabetic things
  • why can’t i get a health card if my diabetic is over 225
  • edgepark sucks
  • coupon mom diabetes tester
  • crazy insertion
  • i fking hate diabetes

So D-bloggers, what are some of your faves in relation to your own blogs?  And, still in relation to search terms, what is the topic/search term that’s brought the most traffic to your blog? (For me, it’s anything and everything to do with the OneTouch Verio IQ and my review of it – it’s brought in fully 4300+ views to my blog alone).


One thought on “Best Search Terms

  1. I think I got that same search-term about Edgepark that you did. But the one that sticks out in my mind the most, which likely led to a post about why I’m not planning to switch from a Medtronic pump to a t:slim, was this question: “Why am I not getting slim?”.

    I also get a lot of searches for “Bart Simpson” for some reason. I reference Simpsons pop-culture often, but certainly not enough to put me at the top of search-engine results!

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