D News: DRI and OneTouch


There are several things to talk about in the D world today.  First, the Diabetes Research Institute has announced their intentions to develop a bioengineered mini organ, a ‘bio hub’, which will house insulin producing cells which will react in the body to produce insulin when needed.

You can watch an informational video about the BioHub here: 

While I like this idea, I do not like how DRI hyped this up.  Their ‘marketing’ of the big announcement in the past few days, via social media, has made it sound like they have FOUND THE CURE.  Which is not true. They have developed an idea.  They have some technology to go with that idea.  But nothing has been proven.  Even if it all works out as planned, it’s years from being available to anyone.

And…….ok, maybe this is just me……..but I don’t see this as a ‘biological cure’.  To me, a biological cure would be a way of STOPPING the auto-immune attack on MY OWN beta cells.  This BioHub, while an interesting idea, will require surgical implantation and low doses of anti-rejection drugs. That is not a cure.  It’s a treatment.


OneTouch has a new meter coming (hopefully) soon – the OneTouch VerioSync.  I have been a user of the VerioIQ for the past 13 months and love it – and I’m hoping to get my hands on a VerioSync ASAP!

The VerioSync, which will use the OneTouch Verio test strips, is a meter which will send your test results to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch via BlueTooth.  There will be an app available to receive and interact with the results called OneTouch Reveal.  More information can be found at OneTouch.com. You can also sign up to receive email updates about the release of the meter, pricing, etc.


2 thoughts on “D News: DRI and OneTouch

  1. Thanks for the post, Kari. I’m with you – sounds like an interesting idea, just didn’t care for the hype of it all or really even the language of this being dubbed as something taking us closer to a “biological cure.” Maybe I’m just too jaded after 29 years, but it takes a lot to get me so incredibly excited. I am, though, intrigued by it. Same with the new OneTouch, which is supposedly going to be so much better using the BlueTooth tech. We shall see!

    • Thanks for the reply, Mike. I don’t quite have 29 years of D under my belt, but I’m getting there – 21 years in July – and so I’m probably a bit jaded too. I’ve heard the ‘we’re 10 years from a cure’ thing since diagnosis and I’m now very wary of anything claiming to be a cure.

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