Cartridge Error

I have not blogged in a while, because everything on the D front has been rather quiet.  I finally have something to say, though it certainly is not life-shattering or incredibly inspired…

Sometimes I wonder how many of us in the DOC put a little too much trust in our pumps and other devices that keep us healthy and sane.

I know that I’m one who does.  I have been pumping with my t:slim for over 5 months now, and despite hearing of occasional issues from other users via our FB group, I was lulled into an almost impenetrable feeling of invincibility with my own pump, because in all that time I’ve had zero issues. Other users have complained mostly of cartridge errors; a few have had rarer issues.

Me? Nothing. Ever.  And so I sort of felt like I was never going to have an issue.  After all, I also had a great track record with my Animas Ping.  And before that, I’d had a pretty good track record with my Minimed Paradigm (until the end….). I sort of thought I was somehow above all the technical issues that could arise.

Yeah….not so much.

Tonight I was doing a set and cartridge change.  I loaded in a new cartridge, filled it with insulin, filled my tubing…all with no issues.  Then suddenly during the cannula filling process I got an error telling me my cartridge was unusable and I needed to use a new one.

At first I was quite peeved.  After all, I had JUST put 300u of insulin in there.  I had filled 43″ tubing. I did NOT want to waste insulin.  

I realized I could salvage the insulin in the cartridge but then I had to ‘waste’ another 10u filling the tail of a new cartridge. My second cartridge of the night loaded completely fine and hasn’t given me any errors or anything.

I’m still unsure what happened with the first cartridge or why it would have filled my tubing completely and THEN suddenly was ‘unusable’.  But whatever the reason, I now fully realize I am not immune to the problems that face any and all of us who rely on technology to keep us healthy.

If you pump, remember that you aren’t immune to issues either – no matter how long you’ve managed to go without incident.  Brush it off when it happens and move on. Our bodies aren’t working perfectly – why should we expect machinery to work perfectly?


6 thoughts on “Cartridge Error

  1. Nick says:

    How did you reclaim the insulin that was in the unusable cartridge? I have lost some 600 units over the 2 cartridges that have failed for me.

  2. Diane Bajalia says:

    I seem to be having basal delivery problems with my Tslim pump. I love many features about it but I have encountered this three or four times with it. I changed my site four times yesterday. Have you had problems with this? I have previously had cartridge errors and occlusion errors which seem to be better using Novolog instead of Apidra.

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