Why I Think ‘Edgepark Medical Supplies’ Sucks

Shall I list the ways?

1. I gave them my new insurance information. For days my account reflected that verification was pending.  Great!  Until…they lost my insurance information? What?  So I had to give them the information again and wait all over again.

2. My credit card information, for billing my portion of payment, was incorrectly entered not one time.  No, not even two times. It was incorrectly entered THREE times.  That’s right, ladies and gentlemen….the customer service reps can’t handle numbers.  Then they insinuated that I was trying to pull one over on them and made it very clear that my order would NOT be shipped until they were paid.

3. I placed the order online. I asked for it to be shipped to my parent’s address, not my billing address.  When they called me to reobtain my billing info, I confirmed this shipping preference with them every time. Every time they assured me it would be sent to my parent’s address. (I don’t like to get packages here – if no one is home they leave the packages in the lobby, which is not locked. I don’t trust the people in my building not to take things not addressed to them.)  However, today, 12 days after placing the order….I finally receive confirmation that it was mailed. To MY address…..the one I DIDN’T want it shipped to.

4. The customer service rep I spoke to about this told me he would contact UPS and ‘try’ to get it rerouted.  Try?  Excuse me sir, your company sent hundreds of dollars worth of supplies to the wrong address, after already collecting payment from me, and you’ll TRY to reroute it? DO IT!!!

5. One of the items I ordered (t:slim cartridges) was backstocked. When I asked for an estimate on when it might come back in stock the rep told me he’d check – lo and behold he found what I needed in one of their Florida warehouses and said they’d have that shipped right away (I asked him to make sure it went to the right address this time…).  Why wasn’t that the FIRST thing they did? Why, unless I asked, was I going to have to wait some indeterminate amount of time for them to get to that warehouse in Ohio, to then be sent to me, when I placed my order 12 days ago and already paid them almost $500 out of pocket?????

I have NEVER had issues with this company before. Before this week I’d have highly recommended them to anyone needing to order insulin pump supplies.  However, after all of this, I no longer recommend them.  If it were a matter of even just one of these things happening…sure, I can overlook that.  But messing up my insurance info, my billing info (3x), my shipping information, and putting me on a ‘backstock wait list’ after already collecting payment from me for an order placed almost 2 weeks ago…..I refuse to recommend them to anyone.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be difficult to find someone else my insurance contracts with who I can go to for these supplies.


EDIT TO ADD: Apparently the guy (Darryl? or something like that) I spoke to at Edgepark, who told me he’d try to get my box rerouted, didn’t do it. I got home from work to find a ‘we tried to deliver’ tag. I’m thankful UPS did not leave the package in the unlocked lobby, but still…..now my medical supplies are sitting in limbo. Am I supposed to put my life on hold to wait for a box (that could be delivered between 10am and 5pm)?  Oh, wait….I asked for it to go somewhere else, where it could be delivered, so I wouldn’t have to put my life on hold!  What great forethought on my part….too bad Edgepark seems to think sending things just anywhere is an A-OK business practice. Way to go Edgepark….you just keep getting better and better.


31 thoughts on “Why I Think ‘Edgepark Medical Supplies’ Sucks

    • I understand Edgepark Medical has real series problem. I order a wrist brace on 4/18/2014 has not received it yet it is now 5/10/2014 I received message from UPS they could not delivery it because wrong address. I just want to say thank for information.

  1. Debra Walker says:

    OMG I am so glad I am not the only one. EVERY month it is the same issues over and over. Edgepark puts a date my husbands supplies will be sent, never goes out shows pending until I call….every month they change the date that medicare will “allow” fine but does it go out on the revised date? NO…. then they come up with this HUGE amount I am supposed to pay so I told them that all similar companies might suck too but at least it will be someone new because I am DONE with edgepark.


      • Ugh! It sure is frustrating! I wish they could understand how much we RELY on the medical supplies we get from them and don’t need the added inconvenience of them being incompetent at their jobs! I hope you find a better supplier!

    • Rufus says:

      In 2012 and 2013 Edgepark was excellent. So far in 2014 they have been horrible.
      It is April and they still screw things up each month.
      Next year I will choose a plan where Edgepark is NOT part of it.

  2. David says:

    Interesting, because they were also good for my family (two children with Type I diabetes) for several years, and suddenly they 1) lost the insurance information and so delayed a needed order, 2) after receiving the same insurance information, they said an approval process was needed, 3) two days later, when I finally tried to get the order shipped, they said the cost went from $0 to $1480 for the same supplies. They had to transfer me to another department, and after 45 minutes on hold, the agent is now checking what is going on. Since New York State guarantees payment for diabetes supplies, it is hard to know how they could make mistakes like this. I will be looking for a new supplier, maybe the one mentioned in the earlier comment.

    • That is so horrible! I don’t know what is wrong with them lately, but I’ve heard other bad stories in a FB group I’m a part of. I can’t find a single person who is now satisfied with them, though in the past many many people were very satisfied. Edgepark is going to be losing a lot of their customer base in the coming months.

  3. David says:

    Thanks for the comment, Kari. Well, they took care of it now, and fixed the billing error. One more thing is, I am not sure why the on-hold message advertises a variety of ostomy and catheter supplies, and with the three times I called the hold time always seemed to end at about (or exactly?) the same place, in an “intermittent catheter” sales pitch. Can’t they at least have some Muzak instead of the sales talk? And I am wondering how the message ended at the same place… just a coincidence, or is it a chance to place some advertising? Would any company actually do such a thing? I don’t know.

    • David/2 says:

      Dear David. Edepark is s medical supply company. They also supply me w/ my ostomy supply. And just like your diabetic insulin and needle order screw ups I get it the same runaround. Insurance info lost. The same bull everyone is getting. I hate them so bad right now. Im calling the BBB and get them shut down. I want that company to die

  4. Patricia says:

    They are the most unorganized company ever known! it took them 5 motnhs to finally mail my daughter’s diabetes supplies accordingly, update my contact information..correctly and to acknowledge my daughter’s insurance benefits! Really? Thus far after many many many times arguing with them and even my daughter’s doctor (whom is really great) called, they seem to be doing what they are suppose to, not exceeding my expectations..simply meeting them. I just found this blog and like the information. I have a 10 year old daughter who was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 1. Challenges here and there but overall she lives her life knowing she is extra special and a solider!!! She’s my hero!

    • I just had another experience with them this week that put another bad taste in my mouth, so to speak. I received an order today, but it will probably be my last from them. I am hoping Solara Medical will work with my insurance and I can use them in the future.

      Glad you found the blog and are enjoying it! Your daughter is the hero of many people, including all of use who are now adults with T1 – we remember what it was like to be a kid with T1 and we love and respect our little D soldiers!

      • Samantha says:

        I agree with everyone. Edgepark is HORRIBLE. I have to get my diabetic supplies from them. Every month I am almost in tears mainly because they don’t seem to care that I actually need my supplies to live and second because they are so RUDE and disrespectful when they speak to you. All they want is money. I was told 3 different prices for my supplies before they would send them. I hate this company. Horrible customer service.

  5. Mary Larsen says:

    I too had a bad experience with Edgepark. They delayed processing an order for Dexcom sensors but did not notify me of the delay. By the time they processed the order, I no longer had coverage for durable medical goods and my insurance company denied the claim. When I received the invoice and learned that I would have to pay for these sensors out of pocket, I asked to return them and Edgepark said that I couldn’t return them as they were dated medical supplies. They trapped me into paying $700 for supplies that would have been covered at 100% had they processed the order in time. Had they informed me of the delay, I would have cancelled the order. My impression is that their staff is overwhelmed and under trained.

    I contacted our Consumer Protection Agency who said consumers have no protection from situations like this and advised me to pick reputable medical supply companies. Unfortunately my insurance company picked Edgepark, not me.

    Eventually I changed insurance companies and was able to purchase supplies directly from Dexcom who has excellent customer service.

    I recommend people learn what suppliers various insurance companies work with before choosing an insurance company. Ask whether there are other suppliers besides Edgepark that you can work with or whether you can order directly from the manufacturer. Report problems to your insurance company.

    If you do get stuck with Edgepark, expect problems, monitor your orders carefully and keep good records.

  6. Linda says:

    I am so glad to have found this thread as I pick up the phone to order my diabetes supplies. I had very much the same frustration at the end of last year when the intake person kept insisting that my DME was not a covered benefit and would not process it. I am with a small company PPO under a larger umbrella national insurer. They focus on prevention and well ness and based on medical necessity will authorize just about anything. Also as a former insurance nurse,I KNOW the ins and outs of obtaining supplies.Unfortunately,this is the only company I can order from (as opposed to directly from mini med) so I am stuck. But I am now prepared to take a deep breath and gather some patience.

  7. Mindy says:

    I quit using Edgepark over 10 years ago because of many of the same problems listed above. I found out I could get my diabetic supplies directly from Medtronic and only had a few problems with them, highly recommend if they take your insurance. Over 3 weeks ago Medtronic told me they would not accept my BC plan anymore and told me to use Edgepark. I was so upset. I took many deep breaths and as much patience as I could find, but as expected, have now spoken with 5 people at Edgepark, 5 different calls. Each one of them doing something wrong, from putting me in their system twice, old and new address, insurance, etc.,not being able to figure out my supplies or place my order even though I was reading off the name and #s from the boxes right in front of me, telling me, because of the high price, I had to pay everything up front, and a week after taking my credit card information calling to tell me they had to contact my doctor. I told them “just do it”, I had given them all of the information they needed. Now over a week later, still nothing, which will require me to make another call to them. Between my ins company, Medtronic, and our Country’s new heath care laws, I’m sure, the same as many of you, I will have no choice in where I can get my supplies, if I can ever get them at all. Thanks, will try the companies mentioned above. Type 1 Diabetic 39 years now, and except for this, everything is going well.

    • So sorry to hear you have had bad luck with them too. If you want you can try to call Mike L. I have worked with him a few times and he seems to be the only one who knows what he is doing – I think he is a supervisor, and he deals exclusively with diabetes supplies orders. His extension at Edgepark is 3165

      • Jan Friesen says:

        Why is it that I as an individual can buy my diabetic supplies directly from the manufacturer (Medtronic) for less money than my insurance company pays to Edgepark?

  8. Kat says:

    After reading these emails I am getting worried!! BCBS forced us to use this company recently for diabetic supplies instead of my wonderful Minimed group. OMG The billing makes no sense with a balance of $1,000 and no mention of the 650.00 we have already paid!!!!!!! Since I have worked medical claims for the DHHS in my state I know my stuff but after reading this how do I explain it to some customer service rep that does not want to listen or care? BCBS has thrown us over to save money and now we have to pay with frustration. Pray for all type one diabetics like my husband.

    • I recently took over my father’s is ostomy supplies. He receive a bill from these jokers for $300 after credits (not itemized) for $593. I went to the Medicare site and logged into my father’s account to find that Medicare had approve $399 and paid $213 leaving about $80 to be billed to his AARP supplemental. I checked the AARP site, and sure enough they had paid the $80. They also submit the bill to AARP under RGH not Edgepark. Grrrrrr…

      So, armed with this info I called them. The woman on the other end was not prepared for someone who actually looked at their billing practice. The discrepancy was large, and when I asked why Medicare said the maximum balance due was $80, but their statement said we owed $300, she could not offer an explanation. It was at that point that I requested a detailed bill be sent to me. She asked if I wanted it faxed or mailed. I requested mail (who has a fax machine anymore?). She told me that it would take up to 60 days for them to mail the itemized bill! Incredible!!! They sure didn’t have a problem sending Medicare an itemized bill.

      At that point I informed her that there would be no payment until the billing discrepancy is resolved. I suspect that they are running huge, HUGE scams, especially on elderly Medicare patients. My dad would never have figured this out on his own, and probably would have paid the $300 demand they were making. I am going to report them to Medicare and the BBB as well as the state consumer protection agency, and the Interstate Commerce Commission. If it is a scam, as I suspect it is, then they could face multiple counts of mail fraud, and perhaps RICO charges.

      I am going to look into another company as soon as possible. This business needs to die, and the principals need to be indicted.

  9. Janet Koors says:

    Unfortunately, our insurance company now requires us to order diabetes supplies through Edgepark. My main gripe is we are setup for ContinueCare, but every time an order is due to ship the status is always pending approval for days or weeks. Why is it so hard for Edgepark to start this process before the items are scheduled to ship? When I dealt directly with Dexcom or Animas, items arrived on time and without any issues.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe this company is still in business the way they treat their patients. They are the most incompetent, useless company I have ever dealt with. They never send my supplies out on time, despite my being on their ContinuCare program, despite approving the order well over a week in advance, and despite always having had the same insurance (Medicare). I just found out my secondary insurance had been paying my co-pays for YEARS (even though Edgepark claimed they did not accept that insurance). Oh they accepted it alright! They ALSO accepted my CREDIT CARD payments for the co-pay AT THE SAME TIME. And it wasn’t until I had threatened to switch to another supplier that they even mentioned the over $300 balance due to me (of which I had no idea!!!). The reason I had threatened to switch was because of their inability to ship my supplies on time. Imagine my surprise when they said they owed me money! And I know I paid way more than $300 (I have all my credit card statements as proof). This company is run by thieves, they are a criminal organization holding our medical supplies hostage for ransom which we have no choice to pay or we may very well die. They ought to be in jail.

    • Jennifer, you are right. It took one hour to talk with somebody for Ostomy supplies.
      Unfortunately I am with AAARP Medicare ruin by United Health care and this company with the collaboration of the UHS is treating the patients like dirt.

  11. JoAnn says:

    I too have had a nightmare dealing with this company. I spent over 30 minutes trying to get credit for colostomy bags that were defective. I had called in Jan. to give them the lot # of the defected supplies and guess what they sent 2 mores boxes from the same lot. These worked no better and is quiet embarrassing when your colostomy bag leaks. When I placed my order this month was told I had met my limit for the bags. Talked to representive and then the supervisor who told me all they could do was to sent me the same bags because they had already charged Medicare and my 2nd insurance. Told her I did not want the same type of bags and was told that a manager would call me back today…. Still waiting for this call. They have no consideration for the customer, greatly over charge for their supplies and in my opinion totally incompetant. Would not recommend. Will be contacting the hospital that suggested I use them.

  12. Leslie Klaw says:

    Well, so now all I have left is to complain on this site. After reading all of the complaints above, I can relate to each and every one. Things seemed ok until I went on Medicare in November. NO ONE there has any understanding of the Medicare rules. EVERY MONTH I am lied to by the staff. I call every day for 5-7 days every month because I get new and unique answers to dates of delivery, reasons I am not receiving my order on time, and insistance that I have exceeded my supply limits even though I have 2 ostomies. After I finally collapse in tears, they send me to a supervisor who says she has noted on my record that I have 2 ostomies. I try to explain that I have been told that before but Edgepark employees do not seem to understand anything about Medicare. They lie to me all the time, transfer me to departments that do not exist, and send me to extensions that no longer has a person attached to it. At this point, my Dr is so annoyed about having to fax them the same script 3-4 times, I’m afraid to chsnge companies and make my Dr start all over again. Edgepark is absolutely the WORST company I have ever dealt with.

  13. Eric David says:

    Its a relief to find out it is not just me having problems with Edge Park Medical. Avoid this company if at all possible. They have not shipped any orders when promised. They stop and delay orders without notifying, and these are Diebetic supplies that I can not get at the corner drug store. I have spoke to no-one competent on the phone on my 100 or so calls. The last straw was today when they charged me 260$ for a $60 dollar order. It took 4 hours and getting my insurance carrier and 3rd party intervention to resolve the issue. Once this order arrives (I am not going to hold my breath) and I double check my credit card charge, I will be switching to Liberty and try my luck there. Edge Park is the WORST comapny ever.

  14. Bob Haarde says:

    Edgepark absolutely sucks. Thank you for posting.

    They are the worst company in the world.

    It is almost like they are playing a joke on all of us. Like some rich guy is doing an experiment with people to see how just how much bad customer service people are willing to tolerate.

    I dread every three months when I have to deal with them.

    1. Website sucks – you cannot place orders because the “Select” buttons don’t show up so you can see what you have ordered in the past but you cannot “Select” it again.

    2. You call them for a very simple thing: “I want to order what I have always ordered for the past 5 years.” But they cannot make it happen. The person on the other end of the phone seems to have all sorts of issues making it happen and has to put you on hold several times to speak with someone in IT, then billing, then distribution, etc…

    3. Then he finally comes back and says, “I cannot place the order for you. Sorry, can you call back later. The system seems to be down or something. Can you call back later maybe? There is nothing I can do on my end. Can I give you the number for someone in IT or billing to call? They could not help me but maybe they could help you? Or you could just try back later?”

    I really think Edgepark is a social experiment to see how much bad service people are willing to tolerate.

    I can’t wait for the experiment to be over and then my doctor will tell me there is a REAL company I can go to once every three months to place the same order I have for the last 5 years without having a website malfunction, being put on hold for 30 minutes and then told the lamest collection of excuses ever.

  15. I don’t use them. I hope you find someone that runs their business a lot better. Sorry all of you have to go through that. I just wanted to give an FYI, if you call UPS or FEDEX before an item is being delivered, they will hold the package at their facility. It’s annoying, and inconvenient, but if Edgepark screws up at least your package wont’ be sitting outside!

  16. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to comment. I recently received info from my husbands insurance company via newsletter that I can obtain free diabetic supplies from Edgepark Surgical. However I fear I would have the same problems as reported here so I will not be ordering as long as I can afford to pay. I wish there was a reputable company to deal with ordering supplies. I use CVS Caremark for most of my needs and they are great.

  17. jon says:

    And if you add a new item to your order they will delay shipping your ENTIRE order, sometimes for days, until the item is cleared with insurance or a doctor.

    These are ESSENTIAL ITEMS THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN CLEARED, they do this despite the fact that you just told them you are in short supply of the item. They could care less.

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