Interesting D Day

Yesterday was just a bad day for my diabetes all around.

It was time to do a site change yesterday morning, so I did….then I left for work.  I didn’t check my purse to make sure I had my D bag with me.  I didn’t.  And it figures that yesterday would thus be the day that I actually needed back-up supplies.

I had been at work all of 2 hours (of a 10 hour shift) and went to the bathroom.  My site was on my hip….and so of course as I was pulling down my clothing to go to the bathroom, I hooked my thumb under the tubing and pulled the site out.

I realized very fast I didn’t have a back-up infusion set at work.  I had a syringe so knew I could draw insulin out of my pump and inject, but a)I’d have to use the same syringe over and over and b)I would have to do that every few hours for the rest of my shift.  Annoying? Yes.

I’ve heard a lot about the old selling supervisor who used to work in our store and know that, at least at the time she worked there, she was on a pump.  I also had heard that she still worked in the mall, at a nearby store.  I asked one of my coworkers if she still talked to the old selling sup and would be able to call her for me; she said she did and she would.

So I was able to talk to this woman and see if she had an extra infusion set that I could use.  She had one! However…she informed me that she uses a Medtronic pump; my heart sank when she said that.  Medtronic doesn’t use luer lock infusion sets.  Had she been using any other pump she’d have had a compatible infusion set, but seeing as she uses a Medtronic, she didn’t have one I could use.

I thanked her anyway, and then asked the assistant manager if I could take an extended break (90 minutes instead of 60) so I could drive all the way home, put in a new site, and drive all the way back (I work in the  middle of one county, and live on the far side of the next county over).  She said that would be fine.

During my drive I came to a red light that I know is usually a long light so decided to use that opportunity to check my BG and see where it was at.  However, the first time I pricked my finger and squeezed it….blood literally squirted out in a misty spray, in all directions, sort of like Windex coming out of a spray bottle.  It was surprising, and very gross – I had blood all over my jacket, my other hand, and my steering wheel.

Well, me being stupid, I squeezed the same finger again – and it happened again! (I did get a drop after that and was able to test; 189; not bad for having no basal insulin for 2 hours). So needless to say, when I got home I also had to grab materials to clean up my car and the sleeve of my coat. I’ve never had spraying blood like that before – it’s super messy (and icky) – hope it doesn’t happen again!

Also, last night at work we had a staff meeting – at which I began to go low.  Several people had brought in extra Halloween candy, so I began eating some of that.  One of my coworkers is also a full-time nurse at the Children’s Hospital of WI and he was watching me like a hawk when I grabbed for the candy.  I could tell that he could tell I was low; it was nice to know that someone else was aware and watching in case I needed assistance.

So between pulling out my site, not having a spare infusion set, and spraying blood in all directions twice – I had a pretty bad/interesting/funny D day yesterday.


3 thoughts on “Interesting D Day

  1. Oh man, what a day! I’m sorry you had to deal with all of that. No fun. Though I do have to say I chuckled out loud at the thought of the look on your face when your finger spurted blood everywhere…

  2. natsera says:

    Seems like when you got troubles, they come in sets. (Not infusion sets, LOL). But I’m glad you survived, and you WILL laugh about it later, I’m sure! 🙂

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