Today I was extremely saddened to run across, for the first time, what I view as the worst dblog I’ve ever run across. I typically love all dblogs I run across and value them for their input; I enjoy hearing about others’ experiences, opinions, etc.  However, when you are being judgmental, rude,and are spreading stereotypes in the name of advocacy, I have a problem with it. You aren’t advocating, you’re simply pushing your own opinions on others.

I will refrain from pointing fingers or posting links – that’s petty and silly and needless. This isn’t meant as an attack against one person. Rather, I just want everyone to keep a few things in mind, no matter what blog you are reading or who is writing the blog: 

1. More years of experience with diabetes does not necessarily make someone an ‘expert’ on diabetes; conversely, if a dblogger is only a few months out from diagnosis that does not mean they don’t know anything or have nothing to offer to the collective knowledge.

2. Just because you experience something in one way does NOT mean that all PWD (people with diabetes) experience the same thing as you.  (Examples: Just because your BG drops with exercise does not mean it does for all PWD; some people experience raised BG.  Just because you can’t handle eating pizza does not mean other PWD cannot; some people have managed to master how they need to bolus for it. Just because low-carb works for you does not mean it’s the way all PWD need to eat.) No one has the right to call someone stupid, ignorant, uneducated, or to insinuate they are lying, because their experiences don’t match yours.  If I’ve learned one thing from my involvement in the DOC, it’s that no two PWD experience diabetes in the same way. Nothing is predictable, nothing is ‘for sure’ with this disease.  As they say quite a bit over at TuDiabetes, YDMV (your diabetes may vary).

3. No one has the right to place blame on anyone just because they have Type 2 diabetes. Yes, it’s true that lifestyle can be a contributing factor to the diagnosis, but it’s NOT the determining factor. Genetics plays a larger role. RX steroid use can induce T2. There are other causes too, that have to do with environmental pollutants. No one has the right to insinuate that T2s are lazy or that they aren’t ‘real diabetics’. In case you didn’t know, T2 is a progressive disease.  Losing weight or exercising, for those who need to work on doing so, can help in controlling D….but it does not eliminate it completely. T2 diabetes puts a strain on the beta cells of the pancreas, and can wear them down to the point they die off…and then T2s need insulin, just as any T1 does. In addition, I know a lot of T1s who do a lot less to take care of themselves than some of the T2s I know. T2s often have to work very hard, because they are sometimes only using diet and exercise to do what we can much more easily do by giving ourselves more insulin.  Again, calling someone lazy based purely on a diagnosis is small-minded and extremely insensitive.

Please, people…’s almost Diabetes Awareness Month.  Let’s not spread ignorance, misinformation, and judgement. Let’s spread our own personal experiences for the world to understand, and keep our offensive opinions to ourselves.


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