Let’s Flood FB on WDD

Someone in a FB group I’m a part of said that one day she wants to post all of her BG checks, carb counts, boluses, etc on FB so that maybe other people (non-Ds) could get an idea of just how deeply D affects us and all aspects of our lives.  Too often people just assume that all we have to do is check our blood sugar and give insulin and then we’re fine – they have no idea how much thought and planning has to go into everything we do and how it might affect our BG levels – from food choice and food quantity, to physical activity intensity and endurance, to stress, illness, hormones, sleep deprivation, etc. You all know the list could go on and on. People also don’t seem to realize that often when something goes wrong (such as a low blood sugar), it’s not because we are lazy or don’t know what we’re doing – it’s the nature of the disease; despite our best efforts we are not always in control – sometimes the D is.

I suggested we do this on World Diabetes Day (November 14) and she agreed that we should.  But two people doing this isn’t going to have an extremely far-reaching effect.  That’s why I’d like to see others get involved.

I challenge anyone with diabetes of any type to post on their Facebook status feed, on WDD, every time you check your BG, every time you take insulin/oral meds, every time you THINK about how something you are doing or about to do might affect or has affected your levels (and share that thought process in detail!).

Despite WDD being an international awareness day, there are still too many people who aren’t aware of it or if they are, their overall awareness of diabetes is still minimal.  Let’s change that by putting it out there for everyone to see!


5 thoughts on “Let’s Flood FB on WDD

  1. This is brilliant!! Of course I will get involved with this on November 14th 🙂 I am sick of people in my life saying that diabetes is easy to manage and does not affect my day to day life. They have no idea 😦

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