Big Blue Test

If you have diabetes you can engage in the Big Blue Test, a grassroots effort started several years ago by the Diabetes Hands Foundation, in tandem with Roche Diabetes/Accu-Chek.

It’s easy: between now and World Diabetes Day (November 14), every time you exercise check your blood sugar before and after your exercise.  Share your results at the Big Blue Test website – every submission, up to 20,000 submissions, will result in a $5 donation towards helping PWD in need. This is an amazing opportunity to give to those in need!

Celebrity music artist Elliott Yamin (a T1) was in the video this year and is an active part of the campaign to raise awareness for the BBT this year – make sure to watch the video! (Maybe next year there will be other celebrity support as well (I think I saw a Tweet asking Charlie Kimball for support?)…)


4 thoughts on “Big Blue Test

  1. There is going to be another video coming out soon that is just Elliott Yamin’s story. And then there will also be a video featuring Nat Strand (who has Type 1 and she is a winner of The Amazing Race).

    Thanks for posting this and helping us get the word out about The Big Blue Test! Each time people do the test (and they can do it over and over) $5 is donated to provide life-saving supplies and services to people that really need them. This is a very easy way for people to help others that need it.

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