Do You Celebrate Halloween?

….I don’t.

I haven’t been into the idea of Halloween since I was a child.  I remember dressing up and going trick or treating when I was young.  The Halloween of 1992 marked my first Halloween as a T1, and my last time going trick or treating.  It wasn’t fun anymore for me….a child doesn’t want to go out to get a big bucket of candy and then be told ‘oh…you can’t eat that candy!’ (this was pre-MDI days, candy didn’t fit well with a Lente/Regular regimen that was only a few months old and was still being worked out by my dad and my endo).

I did dress up the next few years and hand out candy to trick or treaters who came to our home, but that soon caused me to become bitter. After all, I was a kid. I’d have rather been out getting candy and then being able to eat it.

So eventually I stopped dressing up and handing out candy, too.

I think the last time I dressed up for Halloween was 1996 or so, when I was about 10 years old.

During my late teens and early twenties all my friends always got dressed up and went to parties or bars for Halloween and I was always invited along….and I’ve never gone.

For me, the fun of Halloween was ruined when I was a kid and realized I couldn’t eat the candy I got trick or treating, unlike other children. Halloween made me face the fact that I wasn’t like other kids.

I am now a successful adult using an insulin pump and I know I can eat candy whenever I want, in moderation. However, that feeling of exclusion leftover from my childhood runs deeper than this consolation, and still leads me to dislike Halloween.

This will be another year I don’t dress up or celebrate in any way.

Am I alone in this, DOC? Is anyone else out there an anti-Halloween PWD, too, even though you know it’s irrational?


2 thoughts on “Do You Celebrate Halloween?

  1. Kari, you’re not alone. My parents didn’t let us have candy either, although for different reasons — my mother was the 1950’s equivalent of a health nut, plus it wasn’t part of our cultural tradition, and she was scared of Halloween. At this point, I don’t want to give out candy, because we don’t have all that many trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood, and I know I would probably binge on all the candy left over. And I also know that I would buy the kind of candy I like, because of the desire to binge on it. And bingeing does NOT treat BGs kindly, even if you do take insulin for it. So I will just stay in my back bedroom, and turn off all the living room lights, and not turn on the door light. Even so, some people will ring the doorbell, but too bad. I’m just not up for this holiday!

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