Officially Trained

This morning I met with a great Chicago-area Tandem trainer at a nearby Starbucks for my official t:slim training.  So excited to have all my questions answered and be ‘officially’ set up and good to go with my new pump!

I also love how impressed my coworkers are with my pump.  Tuesday I had it out while at work and all the guys (I was only working with guys that day) were intrigued.  One is a nurse at Children’s Hospital of WI and he just can’t get over how ‘cool’ my insulin pump is compared to the others he’s occasionally come across with his patients.  One of my managers has a a T1 father and had no idea there is now a touch-screen pump on the market and was excited to tell his dad about it. Even the others with no real direct connection to T1 were interested, because the old Selling Supervisor who used to work there was also a pumping T1 so they all have had some exposure to insulin pumps.

Sort of off topic, but know what I’m excited about?  The North Face’s Etip gloves, which are gloves specially designed for use with touchscreen devices (most touchscreen devices won’t respond to your finger presses if you wear gloves……not so with the Etips); that’s why I had my pump out – I was playing with the gloves/my pump when there were no customers in the store, haha. (Sorry, I didn’t mean to turn this into a promo ad, but they ARE seriously cool gloves.)

I know there are others out there in the D world waiting on getting a t:slim – I hope you get yours soon and share your experiences with the t:slim.

OH! And one last thing – sorry I haven’t been a part of #DSMA in weeks.  I’m super bummed about missing it, but just don’t have the time right now.  I miss my D friends, but I don’t see myself having the time for it until after the semester is finished.  Boo!


12 thoughts on “Officially Trained

    • Thanks, Scott! I guess I’m just feeling disconnected from the D world lately without DSMA. Haven’t had much time to hang out on Twitter or even keep up with blogs, either.

  1. I’m super intrigued by this pump!! I’m up for a new one in April, and was thinking about going to Animas until I heard the tslim was supposed to be waterproof as well. Any experiences with that so far?

    • I haven’t dunked it in water yet, no. I go swimming at waterparks a few times a year, but not until the summer months, so I won’t be able to say anything about the waterproofing until then….unless I drop my pump in the sink or the toilet (ew).

  2. Oooh I’ve definitely done the pump in toilet trick a time or three. Disgusting. Keep us posted about the waterproof abilities of t:slim. I’ve been having troubles just sweating on my Minimed and getting button errors, so I’m frustrated! Thanks, Kari!

  3. Portia says:

    I’m thisclose to getting this pump. The only other real competition is the Animas, which I had know you had before. Now having had the t-slim for a while, is there anything the Animas was more efficient at? Any other perks/disadvantages/comments for the t-slim? I’m DYING to know! Thanks!!

    • The Animas is a great pump. I don’t think it was more efficient at anything, though. I love my t:slim.

      Something I am working to do is to control how much insulin I use through making better eating choices, to try to lose a few pounds. It’s much easier to lose weight, as a T1, by using less insulin so I’m trying to never use more than 50 units a day, for now (~30 units basal, plus my boluses). The t:slim breaks down for me how much of my total daily insulin was basal and how much was bolus, in terms of amount and in terms of percentage of the total, so that I know where any hold-ups might be. For some, this function may be overlooked, but I love it and I go through and look at it at the end of every day!

  4. Paul says:

    I am seriously considering a t-slim as my ping seems old and pressing the up arrow is no longer fun. I wont be able to get it till probably Feb 2014 but do you miss the ping remote? Are there any other things to be aware of concerning the change to it? Also how is the testing meter that comes with it?

    • I don’t miss the remote – I actually switched to the OneTouch Verio IQ testing meter quite a while ago (February 2012), which is the one that comes with the Tslim. So I loved that meter already, and was already used to not using my Ping’s remote. Having a remote isn’t a huge deal for me, but I know some people rely pretty heavily on having one.

  5. I’ve found that I can use my t:slim with regular gloves (ones that prevent me from playing with my iPhone). I’ve been attributing this (and the someone low responsiveness of the screen) to there being a different touch mechanism in play with the pump verses the iphone: the iPhone is a somewhat more advanced multi touch system that relies on a capacitive material that is only activated by specific conductive materials (like your finger or a conductive glove). The t:slim seems to be a resistive screen that reacts to pressure, thus no need for conductive gloves. I haven’t read too much of the t:slim’s specs to know if this is true – but I was glad to see that the pump was responsive to my gloved fingers without having to purchase special gloves.

    Moe info on types of touch screens, etc here:

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