No D Day 2012

Today is No D Day (a day in which all D bloggers write about OTHER things, so we can get to know each other outside the realm of diabetes).

My life lately has been comprised almost entirely of classes, studying, and work (well and eating, showering, etc.). What can I say about those things?

For starters: My anatomy and physiology class sucks. It just flat out sucks, no way around it. ‘Why does it suck?’ you ask. Just because. It’s a ton of information, much of it at the cellular level, that I am NEVER going to use in a health care administration job. NEVER EVER. But I have to do well because after this I get to take second-semester A&P as well as 5 credits of pathophysiology. Oh joy.

My other classes are ok. One is very freshman-centric and that’s a bit annoying for an almost 27-year-old woman with no patience for silly and frivolous assignments that are meant to help us ‘explore the campus around us’. I got my first degree at this campus. This is my 11th semester at UWM. For frick’s sake, I’ve explored the campus plenty of times. Another of my classes involves typing up a group response to a discussion question bi-weekly. My group members either don’t participate, answer the question by avoiding the question and answering a different question (hey, maybe they’d make good politicians!), and none of them understand APA formatting for in-text citations or bibliographies. Awesome. Just…awesome.

With that said, I actually AM enjoying my time (most of it) back at school.

Work is going well. In one month I almost made my first level (each level is reached by selling $20,000 in product). I like most of my coworkers (there are one or two I’m not a huge fan of) and I feel like I’m catching on well to how TNF does things as compared to another retailer I worked for in the past.

I’m a lot worried about money, but what’s new? I am officially covered under my university’s student insurance plan, but my copays on my prescriptions went up 2.5x what it was under my WI teacher insurance plan, per month.

And….that is all I have to fill you in about. Can’t wait to read the other No D Day blog posts out there and learn a bit more about everyone I follow, outside of their D.


2 thoughts on “No D Day 2012

  1. Uh-oh! You ALMOST did it!! And then you had to mention the t:slim! 😦 But seriously, I’m glad you’re on track to what will hopefully be a better career less subject to the whims of political jerks and probably more lucrative, too. Best of luck, and keep on truckin’ 🙂 (And I think *I* want a t:slim, too!)

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