t:slim Review

Ah, it’s here, and it’s fantastic! I love my t:slim for many reasons, but mostly for the screen. I can finally see my pump’s screen and know what I am doing while I am outside in daylight.

Screen: The interface is pretty intuitive and easy to learn and took me only a few minutes to figure out. I’m in love with the bright colors!

Calculator: I love that when bolusing for food I have the option to use a calculator.  I’m ok at math, but sometimes I just can’t add correctly because I’m trying to do too many things at once. By being able to use the calculator to add the carbs from each food item separately to find the total I need to bolus for….I have no excuse for making mistakes anymore.

Cartridge: The biggest difference for me is the cartridge.  You can’t see the insulin you are putting into the pump, so you don’t know if there are air bubbles. Now, in theory, if there aren’t air bubbles in the syringe I use to put the insulin in…then there shouldn’t be air bubbles in the cartridge, but it would be nice to view it. It’s just something I need to adjust to.

Backwards corrections: The t:slim does NOT calculate corrections like other pumps do.  For example, with my Ping…….I had a 1:10 I:C ratio and a 1:40 ISF, with a BG goal of 100.  If I tested my BG and I was 80 and I wanted to eat 10g of carbs, my Ping would tell me to take 0.5 units of insulin. (1 unit for the food – 0.5 units to bring my BG back to my goal of 100 = 0.5 units of insulin).

The t:slim won’t do that.  It will tell me to take the full 1.0 unit of insulin for my food, which I can over-ride if I want to calculate a backwards correction myself. It will only calculate a backwards correction for me if I enter a BG of 70 or below.

Clip: Also, while I love the pump itself, I hate the clip that came with it.  It’s bulky.  Very very very bulky.  There is nothing ‘slim’ about the clip at all. I never use it, because with the clip on the whole thing is actually way bulkier than my old MM or Ping ever were.  It’s easy enough for me to just slip the pump in my pants pocket and go, but for someone who is looking to use the clip – well, I hope Tandem has some new designs coming out soon, because this one just isn’t cutting it.  I know others have said the same thing about the clip.

Overall, I love the pump – I just wish for a slimmer/sleeker clip and backwards corrections.


2 thoughts on “t:slim Review

  1. I did see a note in Chapter 7 of the User Guide that refers to when and how IOB is used in calculations. It seemed overly complex for me. I do wish pump makers would let us set an option about when/how to use IOB.

  2. Thanks for the great review! That’s a bummer the t:slim NOT calculating corrections like my Animas 2020 does (actually right now – I’m no longer using it due to issues with Animas Corporation – and back to MDI – so I’m having to do what you do – calculate the correction in my sponge brain ). Maybe by the time I’m ready to go back to pumping – the t:slim will have changed their s/w – but so far – only Americans can purchase the t:slim – it’s not available yet in Canada (Health Canada e.g. like your FDA – hasn’t approved it for us to use yet).

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