t:slim Update, and The Scariest Low Yet

So much to say….


Well, first off, I have a new part-time job.  I’m happy with my new work environment and really enjoy my coworkers.  Added bonus? They all have a pretty good understanding of the basics of T1, as their ex-Selling Supervisor was a T1.  (Apparently her control left a lot to be desired and so the staff took it upon themselves to try to learn more about D and try to help her avoid super super lows and super super highs).  It’s kind of awesome to be able to talk to non-D people about my blood sugar, food choices, my pump, etc…..and they ALL already know what I’m talking about!  They really are great people with a huge interest in making sure EVERYONE there is healthy and feeling well. Love it!  Plus, some of us have in common that we are in our mid-20s and going back to school for career changes – me for health care admin, 1 to become a chiropractor, 1 to become a physical therapist……….interesting how we’re all going into the health care field!


Well, apparently I WILL be getting a t:slim!  Someone at Tandem randomly sent me an email a few days ago saying they were ‘working on my account’…..I responded and reiterated that I wasn’t approved to order through them directly but had to use Edgepark Medical, that I was losing insurance soon, etc.

I heard nothing back and figured it was a lost cause. Then yesterday at work I had my break at about 6:15pm.  I discovered I had about 4 voicemails.  I listened to them all and basically deduced that I needed to call back a rep at Tandem; it was IMPORTANT, so important that she gave me her personal cell phone number so I was sure to get through to her.  But then…she called back and said to call someone else at Tandem…she had to leave for the day.  So I called Tandem Diabetes and reached who I was told to call….

…and he told me that they had sent certain time-stamped and sensitive paperwork to Edgepark Medical; that Edgepark would be able to submit a claim to my insurance, even after the insurance coverage ends….and if it was denied we could appeal it on the basis of the time-stamped paperwork.  I didn’t really understand it, and it didn’t sound like something I was going to get too excited about.  I just said ‘sure’ and figured I’d still never get the pump.

Then OUT OF THE BLUE, not 5 minutes later….the rep I’d just spoken to called me back.  He said that he had just gotten word from my insurance company that they’d allow me to order through Tandem Diabetes w/ their in-network benefit……..and the rep was putting through my order and would have it shipped out within the hour.

OMG.  He got it billed and shipped only 5.5 hours before my insurance coverage ended. (I was so sure the insurance company was going to put up a fight now that it was apparent I was leaving their coverage!…….but they didn’t!)  So, since the claim is now time-stamped 8/31…..it will be  paid.

I’m still in shock!  I should have the pump Tuesday…..I have to work all day but it should be going to my mom’s house, so after work I’m going to drive over there and pick it up.  SO EXCITED!

Scariest Low Yet:

This morning I believe I lost consciousness and/or have some serious memory loss due to hypoglycemia, but I don’t know for quite how long I was out of it.  I remember waking up this morning and my fiance was leaving for a bike ride – I remember saying goodbye.  Then suddenly it was much later, I was sitting on the couch with my meter, which said I was 44 mg/dl, I had almonds all over the floor, a juice box in my hand, an empty cereal box next to me, and (for some reason) dozens and dozens and dozens of coupons all over the floor….ripped to shreds. (I’m now upset at the lost value of all those coupons, especially since we’re going grocery shopping in a little while…)

I have no memory of eating. I have some vague memories of ripping apart the coupons….even at the time I knew it made no sense, but I literally couldn’t make myself stop.  I also remember making strange shrieking/animalistic sounds while I did it, like I was in a rage.  I do also vaguely remember throwing the pieces in the air……….which explains why when my fiance got home later we found coupons on and behind the couch….

When my fiance came home I was a bit emotional (ok, let’s face it, I cried….it was a scary morning!). He told me I had been ‘talking strange’ when he left, but he thought I’d just been tired.  I made him promise that if I’m doing that in the future he will make me check my BG or will do it for me.

He also noticed I have a scratch/abrasion on my forehead, like I hit my head on something this morning. I don’t remember falling to the floor or running into anything, but I probably did.

I’m so thankful I did not have a seizure (nothing to indicate that I had one, anyway).  I’ve never had one, and having one while home alone would be pretty damn bad.  If I ever do have one I hope that I’m with someone who knows how to help me, how to give Glucagon, etc.

Anyways, I’m trying to move on with my day, despite being very shaken up.  I need to try to see the humor in this….like the weird coupon thing. So tell me……..what’s the strangest/funniest thing you’ve done while very low?


2 thoughts on “t:slim Update, and The Scariest Low Yet

  1. Jen says:

    I was camping and was very low. I was going potty behind a tree and thought I was stepping on a snake. I left my shorts behind and sprinted back to the tent.. Running past a child’s birthday party. *sigh*

    • c.a. costova says:

      While I was EXTREMELY LOW and in bed I fell out of bed onto the floor and my husband found me trying to “climb the walls” with my but on the floor!! Needless to say I don’t remember a thing!!

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