No t:slim For Me

I just spoke with someone at Edgepark Medical. They have been told the launch date of the t:slim coming to market is now tentatively 8/31 (and even that is a pushed back date with no guarantees that it won’t be further pushed back).  This means optimistically they (Edgepark) can’t ship until 9/1 or later.

I lose my insurance 8/31, at midnight.

I asked if they could bill it on 8/31, just under the wire.

No……because besides there still being no guarantee they can ship on 9/1, they don’t even have a price point yet! How in the hell has Tandem Diabetes not communicated that to Edgepark yet?

I’m becoming extremely disenchanted with Tandem’s business practices. They are pushing HARD online, to get orders for their product, yet keep pushing back the launch date? For what reasons????  Then they are within a week of launch and haven’t even communicated a price for the product to any other vendors…..why?? Did it not occur to them that people want/need to know that information, whether they have insurance or not???

I’m not the only person going through this either – there are others, who I’ve met on FB and Twitter…..others who thought ‘well, I’ll see if I can get approved before I lose my insurance coverage!’……….and now none of us will get it.  Tandem sort of screwed themselves out of at least 3 sales (that I know of) by pushing back the launch date, and I’m sure there are others that I’m not aware of.

While I’m angry about fighting so hard with my insurance company for nothing, I’m mostly scared.  I’m now stuck with my Ping.  What happens if it breaks? Yes, they can send me a loaner for a while…..but I can’t afford to pay for that pump. I just can’t.  I very very highly doubt my insurance through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will pay for it.  So I’ll be eventually back on MDI.

MDI doesn’t work for me – flat basal insulins are NOT what my body needs. I’m terrified now….MDI means my retinopathy is going to get worse. It means I’m pushing back the time that I could start have babies – because I sure as hell am not trying to have babies with blood sugars out of control. It also means an extremely decreased quality of life for me, overall.

I’m so upset but I don’t think there is anything else I can do or any other way I can keep fighting for this.


2 thoughts on “No t:slim For Me

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss of insurance coverage. It really stinks, and it’s not fair.

    Can you still get another Ping under the wire? That’s what I’d suggest. (personally, i’m not all that enamored by the t:slim to begin with. You can see my blog post from a couple of weeks ago to see why). Whatever you decide to do, I hope it works for you.

  2. Sending big hugs your way. I don’t know what else to say but to say sorry about your insurance coverage loss. I really hope things turn around for you and that somehow, someway, you get what will make you the healthiest and happiest, because that’s what you deserve.

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