Movie Theaters Make Me Low

Do you have a place that, almost every time you go there, your BG or the BG of a loved one drops unexpectedly?

For me it’s the movie theater. I don’t know why. I have no way of explaining it. But my fiance and I see a movie every month, sometimes a few a month.   There are several theaters we visit, and any one of them can be involved in the BG drop….which is usually minimal and can be corrected with a few jelly beans. (I believe that of the last 3 movies we saw, I had a low during each of them.)

But there’s this one theater where I swear they must be filtering insulin through the ventilation system because I have much more serious lows there.  Back in December I had a pretty scary low while there.

Today it happened again. I felt weird when we got there so I checked my BG before we went in the theater.  88….not bad at all. But I felt like I was heading down so I popped about 6 jelly beans in my mouth.  About 20 minutes later I felt a little shaky so I  popped about another 6-8 jelly beans in my mouth (and I dropped at least one on the floor).  20 minutes later….definitely still shaky.  More jelly beans.  20 minutes later…..not feeling well at all.  Finally decided to test, and I was 53.  I was in disbelief. I’d already had at least 20-25g of carb, and I was sure I hadn’t over-bolused for the lunch I’d had earlier.  I proceeded to finish off the jelly beans I had in my purse (I fill a 10-glucose-tab container with jelly beans every time I go out.)  5 minutes later?

Yep….still shaky.  I remembered I had a Capri Sun in my purse so I fished that out.

Have you ever tried to get the straw in one of those while in a dark movie theater?

Impossible, I tell you. Or at least impossible when your blood sugar is low and you are starting to feel that hazy mental confusion.

Thankfully my fiance stepped in and got the straw in for me.  I sucked that puppy down and soon enough began to feel better.  All ended well.

But seriously……what is in the air at movie theaters?!


2 thoughts on “Movie Theaters Make Me Low

  1. Isn’t it weird how some places make us go so low all the time? What’s up with that movie theatre?? For me, Target makes my blood sugar crash every single time.

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