Insurance Woes….The Continuing Saga

I’ve been going back and forth…..after my insurance expires on 8/31 do I want to go on my fiance’s insurance, or purchase my COBRA coverage?  Both are horribly expensive and not optimal for a T1 diabetic going back to school who is unemployed.

My options changed, and now include purchasing my COBRA coverage or trying to get on the student insurance at my university.

In the past (read: about 6 years ago) when I looked into the university’s insurance it automatically excluded anyone with diabetes.  The coverage wasn’t great anyway.

Now, however? It appears pretty decent.  About $138.25/mo, plus a $300 deductible. $100,000 worth of coverage per year per condition. Prescription coverage. All kinds of preventative care covered 100%.

I emailed someone and found out that they DO NOT exclude anyone for a pre-existing condition anymore – they just won’t cover anything related to that condition for the first 6 months of coverage, unless you can provide proof you held continuous coverage before the policy began (which I can prove).

Their website does not make it very clear as to whether or not DME is covered, so I asked and the rep said yes, but wasn’t able to immediately tell me at what percentage it’s covered (their plans differ for every school, and she would need to dig to find the info for the plan for my university).  The other thing not made totally clear is if there is a cap on the amount of prescriptions covered.

However………this is still my best option.  Between premiums and deductibles on my COBRA it’d cost me nearly $9,000 a year….and that’s not including co-pays on appointments and prescriptions.  This university plan will cost me $1959 for the premiums and deductibles. Even if I had to purchase all DME out of pocket……it’s going to be significantly cheaper than my COBRA coverage.

There’s one more hangup, that I hope they don’t disqualify me for. Sometimes these school plans say you aren’t eligible until and unless you’ve exhausted your available COBRA coverage…..which I obviously haven’t done.

I sent in my application yesterday and I’m holding my breath now, waiting to find out they accepted me for coverage.  If not……I’m going to have to figure out how to come up with thousands of dollars for COBRA.

Wish me luck!

Oh and side-note – still no t:slim.  I’m hoping all goes through before this insurance coverage ends.  If not, I’ll see what the university insurance (assuming I’m approved) would cover.  At this point, I’m not as optimistic about getting a t:slim in my hands as I once was.  It’s not looking good, in terms of timing.


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