Good News/Bad News – Insulin Pumps

Thanks to a ton of DOC friends who’ve been live-tweeting from the Roche Diabetes Summit in Indianapolis I heard some news I’m excited about and sad about.

The good news: The Accu-Chek Combo System has been FDA approved and will be available in the US sometime in October.  The meter and pump communicate with each other via bluetooth technology and anything you can do on the pump can also be done through the meter. (Note: There are other pumps with meters that communicate with them.  The Medtronic pumps have meters that relay blood glucose results to them. The Animas Ping comes with a meter that includes many (but not all) of the pump functions.) What I think will draw a lot of people to this pump is that the meter has a full-color screen, you can adjust basal rates from the meter, and the increments you can use are very small. In addition they have a 3.15 mL cartridge/reservoir….that equates to 315 units, which is (I believe) the largest capacity on the market. The big drawback appears to be that this pump has been commercially available to the rest of the world for 4 years (way to go with getting things approved promptly, FDA!), so some of the technology may be outdated. For example, from what I understand, the meter uses strips that require coding. Check the link above for more information!

The bad news: The SOLO Micropump, which has been FDA approved for quite a while now (3 years!), and which many in the DOC have been waiting for, will not be coming to market…at least not the first generation of the pump, which was originally developed by Medingo, before Roche acquired 100% of Medingo. I’m assuming that because they are saying the first generation is not going to be commercially available this means that they are working on a second generation that includes more modern technology. (Note that the development on this pump began years ago…and much of it is indeed out of date.)

Note that much of this information was obtained from the DOC members attending the Roche Diabetes Summit and from the product websites. Don’t use what I say as the end-all, be-all source of information….check the websites yourself, or speak to someone who attended the summit and may be able to give you a little more information (hey, they heard it straight from Roche!) .


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