New Pump Worries

I’m trying to upgrade to the t:slim because…well, let’s face it, it’s pretty cool.  But there are other reasons – very valid reasons. Such as needing a pump that I’m able to see in sunlight (I can’t see my Ping’s screen in sunlight at all – it just looks black).  And wanting even smaller basal increments (the t:slim uses increments of 0.001, whereas my Ping is 0.005). I do want something slimmer and sleeker looking.

Well, I sent in my form and copies of my insurance card to Tandem Diabetes yesterday and then emailed my diabetes team to give them a heads up that they would be receiving a form, if all goes well with my insurance, to obtain a prescription.

I can’t tell how my team feels about this – knowing my doctor and the pump trainer there, they haven’t heard of the t:slim yet, won’t trust it, and won’t want me to go on it. I’m going to need to talk my way into it.  I’d usually say ‘Oh well, if they aren’t on board I can find a new doctor!’…….but I love my endocrinologist. He’s the best I’ve ever seen….he just isn’t up on all the newest diabetes gadgets. And the pump trainer wants to be the trainer for all pump users in that clinic – so if she hasn’t been approved by Tandem Diabetes as a clinical trainer, she is going to push for me to go with a different pump.

…But I’ve already had the Paradigm (not a huge fan of Medtronic) and the Ping.

Ah, the worry and anticipation! I just want a ‘yes’ from my team and a ‘yes’ from my insurance and I’ll be one thrilled diabetic!


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