I Wish I Had A CGM…

I’m skipping out from the HAWMC prompt again today since I don’t find it that interesting…and I have other things to talk about.

Primarily, my scary experience with basal testing recently (and hence why I’m wishing I had a CGM).

So Thursday I didn’t feel the greatest but I figured that since my BGs hadn’t been affected all day they also wouldn’t be affected that night.  I wanted to do overnight basal testing, so I got myself all ready to wake up every few hours to check my blood sugars (I even slept in the living room so I wouldn’t disturb my fiance).  And this happened:

9:20pm (was going to sleep): 152

11:20pm: 111

1:20am: 68

So I ate some jelly beans and cancelled the rest of the test (and went to finish sleeping in my bed).  I chalked it up to being sick and was going to disregard it…but last night makes me think it wasn’t a fluke.

Last night I repeated the test…and check this out:

9:30pm (was going to sleep): 222 *oh how it pained me not to correct this

11:30pm: 145

1:30am: 60

Holy crap, Batman! I am seeing huge massive enormous drops over the space of 4 hours.  What scares me is that weeks ago I was waking up at 1:30-2am-ish and feeling low, eating jelly beans, etc…and I finally changed my basal rates from about 10pm to midnight.  And then I stopped waking up feeling low, so I figured the changes had worked.

However, now I’m just scared out of my mind that I’m actually just sleeping right through it. I’ve never had a seizure, but now I’m terrified I’m going to. What if I’m losing consciousness and not realizing it because eventually my liver is dumping glucose and I’m waking up fine?

And if this happens when I’m going to bed with elevated blood sugars and no correction, what in the fricking heck is happening when I have a high and actually give myself insulin for it at bedtime, or when I go to bed with a blood sugar in the 90s or low 100s?!

I have never experienced any real fear of dead in bed syndrome.  It’s just something I’ve never thought deeply about in terms of affecting me – primarily because I thought I wake up for all my lows and I’ve never had a seizure, etc etc.  But now?  I’m terrified.

Needless to say I’ll be making more basal changes, and I will be retesting with those changes tonight.

EDIT TO ADD: Something else scary – I didn’t feel the slightest tiniest littlest bit low at 1:30am either time I was basal testing.  So how low did I have to be the times I used to wake up at 1:30 feeling low? I never tested then – I just started eating jelly beans. And even then sometimes I’d still be low hours later at 6am when I woke up for the day.  Ugh….


6 thoughts on “I Wish I Had A CGM…

  1. I’m glad you decided to basal test and that you have identified a pattern that you can hopefully fix. Scary that there were times in the wee morning hours that you woke up feeling low and didn’t test – but ate (NOT A JUDGEMENT) Wonder what those numbers were prior to your first basal fix? As a mom of 2 cwd I have learned that things change constantly and I have to stay vigilant. I wonder how my kids will care for themselves once they leave my home – who will check them during those witching hours? I tell myself lies (something I learned from your post) that it wont be as hard for them since after puberty and growth periods they wont fluctuate so much. I hope you can get a CGM soon. It should be part of the tool prescribed to every PWD at time of diagnosis.
    So if you had made a keep calm poster maybe it would have said: Keep Calm & Basal Test –
    Hoping to do basal tests on both my kids tonight – thankful for the reminder.

  2. Oh my gosh, that is scary!! Have you tried to get a CGM? Is your insurance giving you trouble? Maybe documentation of this would be enough to get you approved? Not that you should have to send proof – I really really hate that insurance companies are still giving people trouble about getting CGMs. 😦

    • I have asked my endo but he didn’t seem to think I need one since my A1cs have been below 6% for over a year now. When I mention lows he suggests loosening my control…but I don’t think I even have super tight control…..I think I have some lows I don’t know about (like the basal testing showed). I don’t see him again until August, but I will be documenting this and any other ‘weird’ things I see and bringing it up again then.

  3. Never let fear into your diabetes world. If we all really thought about what might and could happen we would all be a basket case. I have had diabetes for 36 years and never has fear come into play. Anger – it sure has. I have said for years they need to make glucometers out of rubber so I could throw it when it is too high. I know it was not the glucometer but I needed something to blame. I have a CGM and a lot of the times when it goes off in the middle of the night I don’t hear it. My husband will hear it sometimes but not every time. Last week he said he tried 3 times to wake me up and I would not wake up so he goes back to sleep. Needless to say I was not happy that he didn’t try until I was a wake. He knows what to do, he just didn’t do it. Here is anger popping up cause he didn’t wake me up, not fear of what could have happened to me because he didn’t wake me.

  4. wow. i am going to be doing basal testing for the next 3 nights on the advice of my CDE. i wake up high ALOT and because i rarely feel my lows, we are wondering about the sleeping through them. hopefully you get this figured out, so you don’t have to be afraid to go to sleep. best of luck!!

    • Thanks. I didn’t do a full basal test last night but I did wake up at 2am to check and I was 85, which is so much better than the 60s (or lower). However, I was 187 when I woke up, so I may have dialed back the basal rates a bit too much out of fear. Good luck with your own basal testing!

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