Syringe Woes

I’m taking a break from going with the HAWMC prompts because, quite frankly, I have nothing to write about in regards to today’s prompt.

However, I did want to share this little gem.  I was cleaning old test strips out of my meter case this morning and happened to take a look at the spare syringe I keep in there. Now, I pump and I have for years.  Even before that I used pens.  The last time I really used syringes regularly was about 5 years ago when I was giving my Lantus with syringes. I do however, have a few syringes for emergencies. (Side note, they are horrible syringes – 100 unit syringes, so each tick mark denotes 2 units, HUGE needles – I got them when I had an emergency out of town and needed to get a bottle of Regular at a Walgreens without a prescription; they would only give me 10 syringes and that was all they’d give me.)

I haven’t had to use them, besides that one day when I did a few injections until I got home and could do a set change with my normal NovoLog. But I kept them in case of future issues.  And I keep one in my meter case…but I think I need to toss this one and put a different one in there.

Almost all of the number marks (10, 20, 30, etc.) are totally rubbed off!  That wouldn’t be very helpful if I needed it, would it?

Just goes to show – we need to pay just as much attention to our ‘I hope I never need them, but I have them just in case’ supplies as we do to our supplies that we use regularly!


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