Diabetes Superpower

Today’s prompt asks us “If you had a superpower – what would it be? How would you use it?”

That is a rather difficult question to answer, especially considering the point is to relate it to my diabetes.

After thinking about it all day, I suppose that the most logical superpower for a diabetic to have would be to always know their own blood sugar – without testing, without a CGM.  I have to admit – that would be pretty cool.  I could know at any time if I needed to make adjustments to my care, and – yay! no needles! (well, except when it’s time for Frank’s site change). I could avoid so many hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes this way and greatly stabilize my overall rate.  Let’s face it, glucose meters can be off up to 20% and CGMs can be off from glucose meters by 15% and lag by 10 minutes….that leaves a lot of room for error. But my superpower would be correct 100% of the time!

This superpower would extend to everyone else too, however.  I could look at a fellow PWD and let them know their blood sugar level at the time too.  Which would make me a pretty hot commodity in the diabetes community, don’t you think?!


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