How Do You Log?

How do you log/keep track of your blood sugars?

I’ve discovered I’m far too lazy to download my pump data – I feel it takes too long to get my Ping to connect to my computer and to get the information I want downloaded.  And then I never have paper to print my reports, etc…  It just doesn’t work for me.  If my dr. used Diasend, I might make more of an effort, but he doesn’t.

I’ve tried spreadsheets – they last a while and then I forget about them. I once used a spreadsheet religiously for 3 months, but that’s as long as I could go.

I’ve tried different Android apps. I tried OnTrack a few times.  Recently I’ve been using Glucool (the premium version), and while I like it, I don’t like feeling that I must be attached to my phone AND my pump in order to be able to log.  (I rarely use my phone to TALK, so don’t always take it with me – if I’m going out for a walk, for example, I really don’t need to see what’s happening on FB or Twitter, do I?)  I hate being in a rush, testing, and then trying to find a post-it to write down the result to log later, only to misplace the post-it until days later.

So I’ve decided to try going old school.

That’s right, I’m going to try logging by hand.

I logged by hand from the age of 6 (well, my dad did it then) until I was 18. When I moved out of my parents’ house and into the dorms I stopped all logging…for years. I definitely don’t want to go back to that…so, since I feel technology isn’t the way for me, I suppose the old paper and pen method will have to do.

Now the issue is that most logbooks are horribly under-simplified. They just don’t allow for the detail I want in my log. I truly wish I could walk into the Diabetes Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of WI and grab a stack of the logs I used as a kid – those were some great logbooks! But alas – I don’t think I can pull that off.

I’ve been looking all over the internet today and finally made my choice on a paper logbook.  I ordered a book (1 book = space for 1 year) and will let you all know more (and how it goes) after it arrives.

But seriously….how do all of you choose to log? Or do some of you NOT log?


One thought on “How Do You Log?

  1. natsera says:

    I don’t log. I used to, but I never found much in the way of patterns that proved useful, and I finally decided that logging was an exercise in futility for me. It’s almost certainly because I’m just not a very regimented person — my mealtimes and compositions vary, my sleep time varies, my wake-up time varies, and sometimes I take naps. I do have the Carelink software that records my CGM readings in case my APN wants to see it, but she actually isn’t interested. All she looks at is the A1c, and since my A1cs have been lower than expected for 20 years, they don’t tell anyone anything about my control, anyway. So I mostly just test and track and correct as needed. Best I can do, especially because no one else is interested!

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