t:slim…Will you please be my new pancreas?

When I first saw this I had a Dgasm. I still get warm fuzzies inside when I look at the website. I WANT this pump (like, yesterday). It’s sleek, it’s slim (hence the name), it’s modern.

t:slim from Tandem Diabetes Care

I would of course need to see more specific specs (like, how many basal patterns can I set and at what rate of change (every 30 minutes? every 60?), how small are the increments for insulin delivery, etc.), but for now, with what I know…I’m enamored.


3 thoughts on “t:slim…Will you please be my new pancreas?

  1. Well, I have to admit it’s pretty, but I’d have to know a lot more about it before I actually went for it. Has it been FDA approved, or is this an ad for something that’s not actually out yet? My pump warranty is up next September, and then I’m committed for 5 years. I hate being put in these pickles!

  2. It was FDA approved this week. They plan to begin release in early 2012.

    My warranty is up in October on my Ping (it was refurbished, and a trade-in to boot, so I only got a 2 year warranty, but upside is the insurance co. had nothing to do with purchase, so they SHOULD be willing to purchase a new one) and I plan on looking at the t:slim (and maybe others that will be out by then?) at that time.

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