No, I Didn’t Disappear

I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA.  Things have been crazy since the school year started.

Last year in June I was told I’d be teaching 3rd grade this school year (after having taught 1st for two years).  Then in early August I was told ‘oh no, haha, you’ll be teaching kindergarten’.  I had to move my entire classroom (for the second time that summer) and readjust my brain!  Since then it’s been non-stop.

Kindergarteners are the strangest, cutest, funniest, most aggravating, most lovable, and most honest group of people I know.  They are so helpless in some ways, but it’s cool to know how far they’ll go this year and what they’ll be able to do by the time they’re in 1st grade next year.

Anyway, what’s new in my diabetes life?  Not much.  My numbers have been great on some days, and less than great on others, but that goes for pretty much anyone with diabetes, right?  I did the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes here in Milwaukee in September.  Going to do ADA’s Step Out Walk in exactly a week.

My pump, which I renamed Frank in order to have a simple and easy to remember name for my kindergarteners to refer to, has been re-renamed by one of my students.  She (and only she) now calls my pump Poppy.   She said Frank was a weird name…as if Poppy is normal!

I fell away from the DOC in recent months due to lack of time, but I’m making my presence known around TuD a bit more, and hopefully you will hear more from me in the near future!

Oh and a quick plug before I go: I’ve been utilizing Log For Life to keep track of my blood sugars (and my insulin usage….haven’t used the carb, exercise, or weight trackers YET, but I will) and I highly recommend it!  The reports are awesome and the stats they give you are so helpful.  How many other tracking tools give you your standard deviation? (Not many, in my experience!)  If you haven’t checked it out, you definitely should!

Edit to add: Two years ago I discovered one other person at the school where I work who uses an insulin pump. I’m not sure if she’s T1 or T2.  Then last year I discovered a T2 at work who also wears one.  This year….yet another person in the school where I teach (she’s new to the building/the profession) wears one.  Again not sure if she’s T1 or T2, but I’m fairly sure she’s T1.  It’s sort of crazy that out of 6 PWD (that I know of) at work…4 of us use pumps…especially when you consider our entire staff is only 75 people.


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